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January 10, 2013

Academic Affairs Committee
DUC 211
January 10, 2013
3:00 - 5:00 PM


Present: A. Brown, Q. Dong, M. Draheim, L. Fox, J. Haffner, L. Matz, A. Richard, G. Rohlf, E. Typpo, J. Uchizono
Ex-Officio: P. Rosson
Guest: Marlin Bates, Jon Schamber, Peter Meyer, Christine Wilson
Not Present: A. Boboc, A. Gillen

Called to order @ 3:02

I. Approval of Minutes
December 6, 2012
December 11, 2012
The committee agreed that a motion to approve the minutes is not required; only corrections, changes, and additions need to be approved.

II. Program Changes
College of the Pacific
Department of Communication
Communication Major
Professor Marlin Bates in attendance: COMM 25, a two unit course, has now been taught for two semesters and the department would like to make it a requirement for all communication majors.
Motion to approve by J. Uchizono, G. Rohlf seconds, motion passes.

Department of Economics
BS Economics, Applied Concentration
BS Economics, Mathematical Economics Concentration
Professor Peter Meyer in attendance: Business and Math electives for the concentration are no longer going to require advisor approval. They are streamlining the process and have confidence in the Math and Business departments.
Motion to approve by A. Brown, G. Rohlf seconds, motion passes.

Department of Health, Exercise & Sport Sciences
BA Health, Exercise & Sport Sciences, Health & Exercise Science Concentration
Removing a course since there is no one to teach it.
Motion to approve by L. Fox, J. Haffner seconds, motion passes.

III. Consent
College of the Pacific
Department of Biological Sciences
BIOL 226 Neurobiology
BIOL 259 Molecular Biological Techniques
BIOL 271 Methods in Field Biology
BIOL 224 Cancer Biology & DNA Repair (Name revision, prior special topics)
Department of Chemistry
CHEM 024 Fundamentals of Chemistry
Department of Economics
ECON 51 Economic Principles and Problems (Prerequisite change)
Department of Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences
SPTS 045 Science of Nutrition (title change)
SPTS 100 Introduction to Research (title change)
SPTS 135 Sports Nutrition (course description change)
SPTS 143 Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries (title change)
SPTS 157 Clinician in Sports Medicine (title change)
SPTS 165 Sports Law (title change)
SPTS 169 Managing Sport Enterprises (prerequisite change)
SPTS 174 Sport Marketing and Promotions (prerequisite change)
SPTS 187 Internship in Sports Medicine (title change)
SPTS 187A, B Internship: Sport Management (prerequisite change)
Department of Modern Language & Literature
FREN 130 L'Adaptation cinematographique
Department of Political Science
POLI 031 Introduction to Law and Policy in the American Political System
Department of Psychology
PSYC 167 Psychology and the Law (catalog description change)

Benerd School of Education
Curriculum & Instruction
EDUC 255 Teaching in the Content Areas I (course description revision)
EDUC 265 Teaching in the Content Areas II (course description revision)
EDUC 275 Teaching in the Content Areas III (increase in units)
EDUC 275 Teaching in the Content Areas III (course description revision)

Conservatory of Music
Music History
MHIS 007 Topics in American Popular Music

School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Department of Physical Therapy
PTHR 356 Psychosocial Aspects of Illness and Disability (change in units)
Department of Pharmacy Practice
PRAC 155 Biotechnology & Product Development
PRAC 161 Practicum II TA 1
PRAC 162 Practicum II TA 2
Question raised on graduate level courses (BIOL 226, 259, 271) being 4 units. Graduate level students are required to do more work, additional assignments.
Motion to approve by A. Brown, A. Richard seconds, motion passes.

IV. Disability Accommodation Statement
Discussion on language in statement being different than in the policy manual, specifically the language requiring accommodations versus seeking accommodations. This statement is course based for the syllabus.
Motion to approve by L. Matz, G. Rohlf seconds, motion passes with 1 abstention.
Discussion on how to communicate the statement to faculty: CAAD, on the AA website, in the college the Assistant Dean sends out a copy at the beginning of the semester. The introductory language should be included prior to the paragraph. All members of Affairs should also remind their units. This is suggested language, professors may modify.

V. New Academic Program Guidelines & Process
L. Matz distributed an updated new academic program proposal process flowchart, and the declaration of intent forms for New Major or Degree Programs and New Minor Programs. The Board of Regents (BOR) approves new programs and we have never had specific guidelines. The BOR asked the provost and president to create these guidelines in anticipation of forthcoming new programs coming forward per the Strategic Plan. The New Minors process requires less approvals, but the declaration of intent has more detail.
Discussion on faculty wanting formal written feedback after submission of the declaration of intent, and at the end of the process from the provost, president, BOR if program is not approved/supported. An example of a program not being approved after approval by Academic Affairs and Academic Council is the SIS Global Anthropology Major (January 2011)
Issues raised regarding the Guidelines:
Accreditation costs: Add to Program Budget, section IV under Budget Narrative.
Financial Aid and Enrollment: Add as an approver on the declaration of intent and in the workflow process.
Program Evaluation Criteria: language should be consistent with institutional effectiveness criteria (assessment).
The university is also moving toward an annual review reporting program. An assessment plan is included on our current forms and will continue to be expected. The guidelines and the current forms will be combined and be created with Ann Gillen as part of the new on-line automated process.
On the declaration of intent form a signature line for the Associate Provost for Enrollment Management and the Graduate Studies department will be added, if applicable. Will also change current language from Dean of other involved departments to Dean of other involved schools.
An AAC subcommittee will work with A. Gillen to merge and automate the forms and the process and ensure that an assessment plan and annual report are included in the program effectiveness portion.
Motion to approve the guidelines by A. Brown, second by J. Uchizono, motion passed with one abstention.
Feedback is critical, clarification of sequence of approvals, final result - a final notification box in the flowchart should also be added.

VI. Registrar's Office - Automated forms
Ann not at meeting, update tabled.

VII. What's on your mind?
A question about changing the due date of all course/program forms beyond the February Academic Affairs Committee meeting since we don't produce a paper catalog anymore. Fall advising may be an issue. L. Matz will ask the Registrar about his issue and have an announcement made as to the deadline.
Do we have an implementation date for the automated forms? Not yet, a question for the registrar.
A question regarding syllabi requirements that we passed. Do these apply University-wide (3 campuses) or Stockton only? The scope of this committee is Stockton only.
A suggestion for the academic affairs webpage: Flip the first two sections Welcome on top and then the information about the committee. Also change the language syllabus template to What should go on a syllabus or Syllabus Requirements. Link a sample of the Disability and Honor code statements.
The new Academic Calendar will come to this committee in February. The 8 year calendar should be on the academic calendar link versus only the Registrar's page. Lourdes will forward this information to the Registrar.

Meeting adjourned @ 4:35pm