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University of the Pacific
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Stockton, California 95211

My Y Project

Project Overview 

The My Y Project launched in Fall 2012 as a unique experience for students to begin exploring their purpose and the interrelation that shared purpose has to inspiring others. At Pacific, responsible leadership includes considering how one is not just practice-ready, but also community ready to affect positive change through inspiring others. Central to inspiring others is knowing what motivates and sparks one to action individually.

Inspired by Simon Sinek's Starting With Why (2009), this initiative aims to help students identify their individual purpose and passions; their Y's. Through exploring personal values, relationships, challenges, experiences, and aspirations, the My Y Project helps students process all of these elements to identify their Y's.  

View the trailer of the My Y Project to see and hear Pacific students share their Y's, as well as hear the Dean of School of Education and the Vice President for Student Life discuss why identifying an individual Y is important.

Project Learning Outcomes

This Project exists in support of our institutional value of responsible leadership, as well as our university-wide learning outcome 'collaboration and leadership.' The My Y Project is guided by program specific learning outcomes that align with our beliefs around responsible leadership. As a result of participating in the My Y Project, student will:

  • Identify what inspires and motivates them to action (purpose).
  • Learn how to explore what inspires and motivates others.

Participating in the My Y Project

This program is open to all Pacific students who are interested in participating. From a facilitated discussion and video experience as a group to individually completing a written My Y Manifesto at your leisure, My Y lends itself to the learning style of both individuals and groups. To request a facilitate activity or for access to the individually guided activity, please contact the Office of Student Leadership Development email icon.

View the Ted talk that inspired this Project: Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action