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Collection Review & Inventory Project

Collection Review & Inventory Project 

 A Message From the Dean of the University Library, C. Brigid Welch:
As one of the University Library's Strategic Initiatives, Library faculty and staff are conducting a review and physical inventory of the Library collection. This project is a comprehensive review of the University Library's monograph collections, including books, reference books, music scores, and audio-visual materials as well as an item-by-item inventory. This type of systematic review is an integral part of library collection management, and it should occur on a periodic basis. At Pacific, this type of systematic review has not occurred in the nearly two decades since the University Library moved to an online catalog and circulation system. Within the next year the University Library will prepare to update its online catalog system as part of the response to Pacific 2020, making it critical that the database of library holdings be reviewed for accuracy.                                            

Project Goals
1. Ensure collection materials are relevant to curricular and research needs of students and faculty
2. Assure integrity of Pacific's bibliographic database

Project Operational Phases 
Pilot Project Fall 2011: Library faculty for history and selected social sciences, working with Discovery Services and Access Services staff test project criteria, procedures, and workflows  
Librarian Review:  Library faculty review materials, in their subject areas, based on criteria for possible deselection (see criteria below), determining materials for review by University faculty
University Faculty Review:  Library faculty invite University faculty to review materials meeting deselection criteria
Deselection:  Based on University faculty recommendations, materials are pulled from shelves and database maintenance performed by Discovery Services.  Deselected materials will be donated to Better World Books.
Collection Inventory:  Access Services staff and student assistants conduct physical inventory of remaining materials. Resulting data will be used to update database.

General Criteria for Possible Deselection
Items may be candidates if they fit one or more of these general criteria.  Library faculty will work with departmental liaisons and University faculty to determine appropriate criteria in each discipline/subject area.

  • Duplicate copy
  • Circulation/usage data
  • Superseded edition
  • Poor physical condition
  • Obsolete format
  • Format change (for example, an LP reissued on CD)
  • Poor translation or edition
  • Content out of date (esp. in health sciences)
  • Published prior to 2000
  • Outside the scope of current curricular or research needs
  • Available in a stable electronic form (such as JSTOR or HathiTrust)

No materials will be discarded without appropriate University faculty consultation and agreement.  Library faculty will work closely with University faculty in final review and decision-making. 

For Additional Information:
Contact your Library Subject Specialist, Assistant Dean Mary Chimato, or Dean Brigid Welch. Follow this link to find contact information for your department or program.