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Pacific Garden Program
Communication Building, Room 4

FACILITIES, Sustainability
1050 Brookside Road
Stockton, CA 95211



Dr. Mark Brunell:

Dr. Brunell Dr. Mark Brunell is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Science and is the faculty garden director. He has taken leadership in bridging academia with garden operations. In addition, other professors are creating avenues for participation through his example.


Boggs Tract Community Garden

The Boggs Tract Community Garden provides volunteer opportunities for any people interested in becoming active in gardening. There are chicken coops as well as harvesting opportunities on a weekly basis Boggs

Bon Appetit:

Sia Pizza Bon Appetit has been an essential partner. They have bought produce from the Ted and Chris Robb Garden and continue to support garden endeavors. Chefs create menus that reflect and highlight garden produce and help students taste the importance of sustainable agriculture. Bon Appetit has supported local Stockton farmers and we are pleased to be an imperative partner.


The Garden Club:

Garden Club Students have been essential in maintaining the garden, and members of the Garden Club have contributed hundreds of hours in the garden. Members also help with the farmers market events and participate in garden workdays. if you are interesting in joining the Garden Club, contact Pacific's Garden Program Director, Patty Gray, at



NurtiCat works with the Pacific Garden Program to promote the nutritional and health benefits of eating fresh and local vegetables. To encourage the health and well being of students, this partnership is indispensable and will benefit students in their wellness journey. Andrea Chapin, Pacific Tigers Dietitian


Physical Plant:

Physical Plant Physical Plant has helped the garden's vitality. They are essential partners in such aspects as providing grass, leaves, and twigs for compost as well as maintaining the surrounding grounds. Members of the Physical Plant have been essential in decision making processes and providing materials.