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Office of Marketing and Communications
Hand Hall
Second and Third Floors

Reserving Parking for Special Events

The administration of reserving parking spaces for special events is now shared between Public Safety and Conference Services.  Determination of which of these two offices will service your special event parking needs depends if you need three or less parking spaces reserved OR it you need four or more parking spaces reserved.

For Reserving 1-3 Parking Spaces:

If you need three or less parking spaces reserved, please contact Conference Services at 209.932.2844 and complete a Reserved Parking Request (RPR) form a minimum of 2 business days before your event. Upon receipt and approval of your completed RPR form, Conference Services will notify you to pick up safety cones. Your office would be responsible for placing the safety cones to reserve the spaces you need. If for some reason your guest does not arrive, please attempt to remove the cone to make the space available to others. The cone needs to be returned back to Conference Services within 24 hours or you may be charged for its replacement. 

Please advise Public Safety of the location of the reserved spaces and if possible, make, model and color of the visitor's vehicle so they may advise their personnel.

For Reserving 4 Or More Parking Spaces:

If you have a large group visiting campus, there are several alternatives, which must be organized through Public Safety. This may be arranged by calling Public Safety (209.946.2537) at least 5 business days in advanced of your event. This advanced notice is important so the university can assess the impact the event will have on other departments or if there are other events already planned. In addition, you must notify Office of Marketing and Communications so that advanced notice may be given to the campus community.

The event size will determine if parking enforcement will be suspended in designated parking lots for a predetermined time period or if parking spaces will be cordoned off to reserve spaces. Some spaces may need to be blocked off during the previous evening in order to ensure adequate spaces are reserved. There may be a charge to reserve spaces if it requires additional personnel to be hired back to place cones out.

For any additional questions or inquiries please contact Conference Services at 209.932.2844 or 209.505.1598.