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November 1, 2012

Academic Affairs Committee
Taylor Conference Room
November 1; 3:00 - 5:00 PM


I. Approval of Minutes - Action
October 4, 2012

II. Program Changes - Action

Eberhardt School of Business
Accelerated BA/MBA for International Commerce Students
Bachelor of Science of Accounting/Master of Accounting Blended Degree Program
Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Master of Accounting
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Accounting Concentration

III. Consent - Action

Eberhardt School of Business
BUSI 112 Computer Skills for Accountants
BUSI 215 Taxation of Business Entities
BUSI 216 Professional Accounting Research
BUSI 217 Ethics for Professional Accountants
BUSI 218 Advanced Financial Accounting Graduate Level
BUSI 219 Graduate Auditing Seminar
BUSI 213 Corporate Social Responsibility (title and prerequisite change)

College of the Pacific
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
GEOS 51 Dynamic Planet (course description revision)
GEOS 61 Geology of California (unit change)
GEOS 65 Regional Geology (course description revision)

Department of Economics
ECON 53 Introductory Microeconomics (prerequisite change)
ECON 55 Introductory Macroeconomics (prerequisite change)
ECON 71 Global Economic Issues (course description revision)
ECON 157 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (course description revision)
ECON 171 Political Economy (course description revision)

Department of English
ENGL 109 Professional Communication (prerequisite change)

Department of Theatre Arts
THEA 075 Expressive Movement (course description revision)
THEA 077 Voice for the Actor (course title and prerequisite change)
THEA 113 Theatre Heritage I (course title change)
THEA 115 Theatre Heritage II (course title and prerequisite change)

School of International Studies
INTL 113 World Geography for the Social Sciences (Prerequisite change)

IV. Course Classifications and Definitions - Action

V. Honor Code and Disability Accommodation Statements - Discussion/Action

VI. Faculty Handbook Change - Informational/Discussion
11.7 Course Syllabus - passed by council 11.11.12
Implementation - Communication Strategy

VII. What's on your mind? - Discussion