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Summer Hours Inquiry

President Eibeck tasked the Staff Advisory Council (SAC) with performing a summer hours inquiry during the winter of 2012-2013. This page provides updates regarding the process taken and the decision from the President. 

Final Decision - April 1, 2013

On April 1, 2013 the President made the announcements regarding Summer Hours in the Pacific Insider. Below is an except from her announcement:

"After reading the committee's report and consulting with advisory groups, the Cabinet and I have made the decision that summer hours will remain in effect in Stockton for summer 2013. They will be observed from June 3-August 2, 2013. In Sacramento, Dean Jay Mootz will make decisions about summer scheduling for the McGeorge School of Law. He will communicate those decisions to our McGeorge staff soon.

Beginning next year, in summer 2014,  "summer flex hours" will replace our customary "summer hours." All Stockton offices will be open for full business hours throughout the year, although business hours will shift earlier in the day during the summer. Supervisors and staff will work together to determine how employees in their office can have flexibility while also ensuring service to students, external groups, and one another."

Read her full announcement

The Summer Hours Review Committee would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback through in-person meetings, participating in the online survey, or by providing feedback other ways such as the anonymous feedback form or through their SAC representatives.

If you have additional comments or feedback regarding the Cabinet's decision, please contact us using SAC's Anonymous Feedback Form, emailing, or contacting your SAC Representative.

Final Recommendation submitted to Cabinet
Memo from the President
News story from the October 29 Pacific Insider