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September 6, 2012

Academic Affairs Committee
DeRosa University Center 211A/B
September 6, 2012
3:00 - 5:00 PM

Present: A. Brown, Q. Dong, M. Draheim, L. Fox, J. Haffner, L. Matz, A. Richard, E. Typpo, J. Uchizono
Ex-Officio: A. Gillen
Guests: J. Schamber, Chair of the COP Curriculum Committee; Laura Bathurst
Not Present: A. Boboc, G. Rohlf

Call to Order @ 3:00 pm

I. Approval of Minutes
April 26, 2012
A. Brown moves to approve, M. Draheim seconds, motion unanimously approved.

II. Review Committee Charge
E. Typpo reviewed the duties of the committee which was taken directly off the website. The last sentence in the second paragraph is no longer our responsibility "The committee also oversees the regularly scheduled reviews of academic programs." This is currently assigned to the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC).

The summer consent agenda was approved, however the MAIR items are on the agenda for today's meeting.

III. Program Changes
College of the Pacific
Religious and Classical Studies Department
Ancient Studies Minor

Math 164 Topics in the History of Mathematics, is being added to the list of classes that fulfill the Ancient Studies Minor requirement.
A. Richard moves to approve the program change, L. Fox seconds, unanimously approved.

School of Engineering and Computer Science
Sustainability Minor

ENGL 126 Literature and the Environment is being added as an elective for the minor.
A. Brown moves to approve the program change, J. Uchizono seconds, unanimously approved.

School of International Studies
Master of Arts in Intercultural Relations (MAIR)

Change to existing program: adding a second option that allows students to complete their MA requirements through a project option. This should help the retention rate of the students in the program. Laura Bathurst addressed questions from the committee.
L. Fox moves to approve the program change, A. Brown seconds, unanimously approved.

IV. Consent Agenda
College of the Pacific
English Department
ENGL 126 Literature and the Environment

L. Fox, Director of Environmental Studies, was not notified of this course revision. Per A. Gillen, software is forthcoming that will send, for example, L. Fox an FYI email since this affects her course.

School of International Studies
MAIR 294 Intercultural Project Design
MAIR 296 Intercultural Project Implementation
MAIR 298 Intercultural Project Analysis
A. Brown moves to approve, M. Draheim seconds, motion passes.

V. Chair-Elect
Greg Rohlf has been nominated. Unanimously approved.

VI. Changes to Faculty Handbook
E. Typpo stated that Academic Council approved a handbook change that review of a program name changes is a new duty of the Academic Affairs Committee.

Further review is needed on the order of signatures on name change forms.

VII. What's on Your Mind
E. Typpo thanked E. Marciano for filling in for L. Reyes and working behind the scenes.

Meeting adjourned at 3:40 pm.