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You may have heard it before, but it's worth repeating many times ... you are your most valuable asset! So, it shouldn't be surprising that the first step on the learning journey begins with an understanding of self.   To aid in that process, we encourage you to take advantage of the self- assessment resources listed below.  These resources are provided at no cost and available for immediate use.  Where there is a cost associated with the assessment, contact the Office of Assessment, Training, and Technology to receive your complimentary assessment pass.

And don't forget to register for and attend the accompanying courses where you will engage with expert facilitators to interpret your self-assessment results and develop a plan of action. Best of all, the exchange of dialogue in the classroom will give you new insights about yourself. 

VALUES ASSESSMENT                                                                                                                                                    

to understand how your values drive your behaviors, decisions, and even career choices  

Life Values Inventory

Have you wondered about what guides your behavior? How you make decisions or even how you view other people's behaviors and decisions? The Life Values Inventory was developed to help you answer those questions by focusing on relationship between your values and action.  In fact, because it focuses on the link between the two areas, many of our staff members have the assessment helpful with their career planning.  There is no better career than one that aligns your values.

Take the Life Values Inventory today.  To view a sample of the report, click here.



to understand how you approach problem-solving and decision-making, particularly in your work environment

Think Watson

Are you interested in learning more about the type of thinking style you use most often and how it impacts your success (or not) on the job.  The My Thinking StylesTM assessment provides a quick snapshot of your dominant thinking style, outlines the advantages and disadvantages of solely using your dominant thinking style, and provides strategies on how you can leverage other thinking styles to be more successful on the job. 

Take the My Thinking StylesTM today!  To view a sample report, click here


STRENGTHS ASSESSMENT                                                                                                                                             

to understand your strengths and how you can leverage them to be successful at work 


Are you tired of simply focusing on areas of weakness time after time?  Do you want to develop a deeper understanding about what makes you unique - the areas of strength - in the work environment and enhance those characteristics to be more successful?  The StandOut assessment will help you find your edge at work.  You will receive a comprehensive report that reveals your top two strength roles and according to the creator of StandOut, Marcus Buckingham, these roles are believed to be your instinctive way of making a difference in the world. Know them well, and you will know how to win at work! 

Contact the Office of Assessment, Training, and Technology today for your complimentary pass.  To view a sample report, click here



to understand your proficiency levels and how you can strengthen them for professional success

Prove It

Interested in keeping your technology skills updated?  Want to enhance your   software proficiency level at your own pace and on your own time?  Then, take advantage of the two resources, Prove-It and the Online Learning Center, today.

The Online Learning Center, designed specifically to meet staff's needs, has a variety of online technology courses to help your assess your technology skills, brush up on your current skills, or acquire new skills.  There are online courses in MS Office Suite, Mac 2011, Adobe Products, and much more.  You can access the center here.

The Prove-It assessment provides online access to tutorials in MS Office Suite.  You can take pre and post assessments for each available course.  You can access Prove-It by contacting the Office of Assessment, Training, and Technology for your complimentary pass.