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Below list resources that will help you navigate your professional development and growth at Pacific. 

Staff Competency ModelInstitutional Learning Objectives & the Staff Competency Model

Understanding University of the Pacific's standards for performance excellence will help your professional success.  Begin the process by learning about the staff competency model, which outlines the key competencies that support the Institutional Learning Objectives.    



Goal SettingStandout Strengths Self Assessment

You are your most important asset. Understanding that asset is a vital step on your learning journey. To learn more about your top two strengths, we are pleased to offer the Standout Strengths Assessment. Instead of focusing on areas you need to work on, why not continue to do what you're already good at? For more information on this assessment and to see upcoming schedule, click here.



Classroom LearningClassroom Learning

Take advantage of classroom learning, led by expert facilitators in a small learning environment.  The courses are designed with you, the adult-learner in mind ... hands-on, short (no more than 90 minutes) and focused on practical business topics so that you can apply it quickly on the job.  For detailed information about available courses, click here.  



custom training

Customizable Training

Does your department have specific training needs that currently aren't met by our course offerings? Are you interested in having your staff attend our trainings but find scheduling conflicts? Great news- we can come to you! Our program managers will work with you to design a course or program to meet your department's needs. Whether it's a Microsoft Office course or a team building event, we can help. Contact us today!