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University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Formal Recruitment

Registration for Spring 2019 Formal Recruitment is now open - click here to register!

Bid Day 2016 Celebrations!

Recruitment Overview

Formal sorority recruitment at University of the Pacific is only conducted in the spring semester, within the first two weeks of classes. Formal recruitment week begins with Orientation on Thursday, January 24th, and concludes with Bid Day on Sunday, January 27th. For many of you, this will be your first impression of Fraternity & Sorority Life at University of the Pacific. We hope that you enjoy all that we have planned for you!

This week consists of three rounds of events that will allow you to learn more about each sorority. The events will show you what life in a sorority is like, it will give you the chance to meet the sorority women in each house, and you'll get to ask any questions you might have about activities, financial obligations, scholarship, new member programs, and campus life in general. It is so important to keep an open mind during this process and carefully decide where YOU feel YOU fit in to the Fraternity & Sorority community at Pacific.

Please recognize that Formal Recruitment is a mutual selection process. All potential new members will visit every sorority during the first round (Panhellenic/Open House Day), but the remaining rounds are by invitation only. As the sororities are narrowing down the number of women attending each round of events, potential new members may only accept a certain number of invitations to each round. The Panhellenic Executive Council and Recruitment Counselors will explain this process in detail to potential new members throughout the week. Each potential new member will be assigned recruitment counselors who will be available during the entire process to answer questions. These women are here to help you in any way you might need them.

Participation in Formal Recruitment DOES NOT guarantee an invitation to join a sorority, nor does it obligate a woman to join. However, over 95% percent of the women participating in Formal Recruitment each year join a sorority at the end of the week.

Throughout the week, remember to be comfortable! Also, be confident! It's about who you are, not what you wear, so make sure your personality shines through no matter how you dress. Have fun and relax! Recruitment week is a fun way to make new friends and new memories.

**To be eligible for to participate in the recruitment process you must have at least 12 college units and a 2.5 cumulative collegiate GPA.**

Schedule of Events:

Thursday, January 24th: Orientation Night @ 8 pm in the DUC Ballroom

Friday, January 25th: Panhellenic/Open House Day @ 4:30pm in Grace Covell Dining Hall

Saturday, January 26th: Philanthropy Day @ 12:30pm in Grace Covell Dining Hall

Sunday, January 27th: Preference Morning @ 9am in the DUC Ballroom

Sunday, January 27th: Bid Day @ 3:45pm in the DUC Ballroom

*For general recruitment questions or more information on the recruitment process please contact the Fraternity & Sorority Life Office at (209) 942-3046 or**