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CAPS Internship Program
209.946.2315 x2
Dr. Wrona
Training Director & Associate Director
Cowell Wellness Building
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

CAPS Training Seminars

As an intern at CAPS, you will participate in a variety of training experiences designed to refine the skills and knowledge you bring from your doctoral program.

Multicultural Seminar

This seminar occurs biweekly and is designed to increase awareness of, sensitivity to, and intentionality regarding the impact of diversity in daily lives. As an intern in our training program, we expect you to engage in self-reflection while learning to incorporate a widening array of considerations for therapeutic situations. These weekly meetings include discussion of your worldview and your experience working with clients who have cultural and individual characteristics that differ from you. By the end of your year at CAPS, we expect you to be able to describe the lens through which you view the world and how this lens impacts your professional identity and practice.

Professional Issues Group Supervision

Professional Issues is a weekly group supervision experience designed to provide a forum for you to reflect on your individual and collective internship experiences. As an intern at Pacific CAPS we ask you to share in identifying, exploring, and processing salient professional issues that arise in the field of psychology. We also use this time to expand your ability to engage in program evaluation, conduct supervision, develop a self-care plan to aid in work/life balance, and establish a strong professional identity as a health service psychologist. The overall objective of this experience is to develop reflective skills and multiple ways of knowing in legal, ethical, and other professional practice issues, to solidify the development of your professional identity, and to provide a space where you can engage in difficult conversations and provide peer consultation with each other. Once a month this time is set aside for you to meet as a cohort without the presence of a supervisor or the Training Director and will collectively determine the focus for discussion which emerges from your professional experiences.

Group Therapy Seminar

This biweekly experiential and didactic seminar focuses on the stages of group therapy from the perspective of you as the facilitator. We cover empirically-based approaches, techniques, interventions for group psychotherapy and the ethics and limits of confidentiality that exist in a group setting. In addition to this seminar, Group Case Consultation takes place weekly and includes video review video of our therapy groups in order to provide supervision of all groups that are being facilitated with a focus on the ways in which group therapy process occurs in a college setting.

Outreach Seminar

We believe that it is important to train interns to become competent, skilled presenters and liaisons to the campus community. The experiential component of Outreach Seminar is significant as you will learn (or refine) skills in using audiovisual/multimedia in engaging and effective ways.  In this rotating (approximately once every three weeks) seminar we go over the basics of effective presenting (verbal, vocal, and visual communication) and refine these skills through the use of video recording your outreach rehearsals in order to review and polish your skillset. Additionally, you will learn to coordinate, market, and implement outreach presentations through collaboration with campus partners and one another.  

Assessment Seminar

This rotating (approximately once every three weeks) seminar focuses on evidence-based clinical interviews, a review of psychological assessment tools and administration, and an exploration of the assessment tools available to you at Pacific CAPS, with specific focus on ADHD Assessments.  We explore the historical perspective of psychological assessment, along with discussion of how to implement culturally sensitive test administration, interpretation, and report-writing.  This seminar requires regular reading and discussion of pertinent articles..

Empirically-Based Intervention Seminar

This rorating (approximately once every three weeks) seminar runs throughout the training year, and you are provided the opportunity to tailor the didactic and discussion-based components to meet your internship goals, with a focus on therapeutic approaches relevant to the university college counseling populations.  This seminar is designed to continue to support you in your effort to gain awareness and understanding of your own unique therapeutic style as you work on forming a true professional identity within this internship experience.  This seminar culminates in a  Major Case Presentation assignment, which includes a written and oral case presentation that pulls in skills learned throughout the training year in supervision and in the various other seminars.

Information about the Use of Distance Education Technologies for Training and Supervision

We utilize online and electronic education methods during various training aspects at CAPS. There are no fees (for interns) associated with these trainings. Typically the training is either a shared experience, occurring in our conference room, or the necessary training is available to access through either a URL or to download from our department electronic drive.  Electronic education methods include training webinars, TED Talk videos, relevant podcasts, video recorded rehearsals of outreach presentations, clinical staff connecting electronically from other campuses for important meetings, and review of video recorded therapy sessions as an aspect of supervision.