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Counseling and Psychological Services
209.946.2315 x2
Location varies by campus
Crisis therapist: 209.946.2315 x3



What is Kognito?

CAPS has partnered with Kognito to provide online training simulations to help ensure that students who are distressed get the support they need.  Kognito has the feel of a video game as you make choices about what to do and say in conversations with distressed students.

How do I create a Kognito account?

You can access Kognito by creating an account using your Pacific email address at: Kognito Campus

For students, enter this enrollment key:  uparus18

For faculty and staff, you can find Kognito on Pacific Bridge 

After using Kognito, you will be better equipped to:

  • Identify warning signs;
  • Manage conversations;
  • Develop awareness of negative stereotypes and misconceptions about mental distress; and
  • Understand Pacific's process for student referral and mental health support services.