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Pacific Fund Scholarship Support

The Pacific Fund provides a dependable source of scholarship support that is contributed by annual gifts from alumni, parents, and friends of the University.

Sara Nell Kanoe Mirels '09
Haleiwa, Hawaii
School: School of International Studies
Major: International Relations and Global Studies

Dear Pacific Supporters:

I honestly wish I could be thanking you in person for this amazing gift that you have given to students pursuing a higher education. I entered school as a Sports Medicine major but after taking a history class here at Pacific, I realized my passion lays in learning about people, events in history and cultures (I come from a very diverse ethnic background) and so I am pursuing my degree in International Relations.

You have been my gateway not only to a higher education but to exploring the world outside of Hawaii where I have grown up. As I learn more about countries around the world, I realize just how lucky I am to have this opportunity to grow not only intellectually but as an adult emotionally, physically, spiritually. My first year was amazing and I had a wonderful opportunity to play on a collegiate sports team and play every game as the starting women's waterpolo goalie! I was able to see all of California, meet some wonderful girls and learn from a difficult experience.

Last year I served as a Resident Assistant in Casa Werner and worked towards getting the students involved in more community activities as well as the activities the school provides. This year I am studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina as part of my course of study. Someday I hope to work in Student Affairs and eventually begin another international program at another university.

Mahalo and thank you!
Sara Mirels

Justin Kyle Witt '08
Porterville, CA
School: Conservatory of Music
Majors: Vocal Performance and Music Education

Dear Pacific Supporters,

I really appreciate all that my scholarship has allowed me to do. I originally came into University of the Pacific as a Mechanical Engineering major with the intention of designing automotive power trains and concetrating on alternative fuels.

My family owns an automotive parts warehouse, so this has been something that has been a constant interest and presence in my life. While I am still involved in the automotive power train design (through our business), I have since changed my major to music. Currently I am a double major in Voice Performance and Music Education.

The Music education degree at Pacific is amazing in that it allows me to expose students in the poorer schools in Stockton to music in their classroom when they would not have had the chance otherwise.

I am also with Phi Mu Alpha, the professional music fraternity, which enables me to bring music out into the community through my involvement.

In the near future, I plan on attending graduate school, have a career performing opera, and then teaching.

Without the help of caring people like yourselves, I would have never had an opportunity to come to such an outstanding school, to work with a great number of amazing people, and to grow into the peron I am today. For this, I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Justin Witt

Sophie Zumout '09
Sacramento, CA
School: Eberhardt School of Business
Major: Business Administration

Dear Pacific Supporters,

Thank you for so graciously donating to the University and making my college experience financially attainable!

My experiences thus far at Pacific have been like none other and I truly cannot imagine spending four years of my life anywhere else. I have been taught that it is imperative to think outside the box, to challenge the principles that I have been socialized into and to never fear being incorrect. My education is not limited to the classroom but extends into every aspect of my life. I am in an academic atmosphere that encourages discussion even when class ends, when I am walking around campus and even in the residence halls. Teh spark of knowledge is ignited daily, building within me a curiosity to continue to learn and expand my horizons to the farthest limit.

As a Pacific Ambassador I have been able to truly be the "face of the university," acting as the first contact prospective students have with the University whether it is during campus tours or summer orientations. Have been able to foster community within the residence halls as a Resident Assistant and have had the opportunity to work with the top 1% of all student leaders living on campus as a member of the National Residence Hall Honorary. In the coming year, I look forward to serving as the voice of the student body as the newly elected vice president of ASUOP.

When I graduate, I will contribute to the University in order to help provide future generations of students with the transformative experiences from which I have greatly benefited. The financial assistance that I received from the  university has opened up so many doors for me that may not have been available had I attended another school. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the Pacific community and providing me with the resources wo mak emy dreams a reality!

Sophie Zumout