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University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Green Move In

During Fall Move In, Green Team crew members are stationed throughout residential areas to help keep recyclables (especially all that cardboard!) out of the landfill. Green Team also monitors waste stations at events such as orientation lunches, Welcome BBQ and Color Run.

Volunteer with Green Team

Green Team helping during Move In

Tips for minimizing landfill waste when moving in:

  • bring items in reusable totes (they will come in handy at move out)
  • bring or purchase reusable water bottles and mugs; use them at campus cafes and receive a discount
  • bring a water filter instead of individual water bottles
  • familiarize yourself with recycling and composting at Pacific
  • coordinate with your roommate who will bring what so you don't have extra appliances
  • purchase a Smart Strip surge protector

Diverted from the landfill during Green Move In

Year Compostables - events Recyclables - events Recyclables - residence halls Total
2019 321 lbs 46 lbs n/a 5,400 lbs
2017 943 lbs 87 lbs n/a 1,030 lbs
2018 792 lbs 74 lbs 11280 lbs 12,146 lbs