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Frequently Asked Questions

Do students have to audition to be admitted? The only camp that requires an audition to be admitted is the Senior Piano Camp.  Students are admitted to all other camps without auditions but will participate in chair-seating auditions on the first day of camp.

Do you need music experience to attend the Music Business Camp?  Students do not need experience to attend the music business camp. 

What is the difference between a “commuter” and a “resident “student? A resident stays overnight in the dorms.  A commuter attends during the daytime only.  Lunch and Dinner is provided for commuters.

Which camp should a current 8th grader attend? 8th graders who play band & orchestra instruments can attend most of the camps we offer (see specific instrument listing for the Pacific Jazz Camp).
All jazz & classical vocalists and classical pianists should apply to the Senior Camp only.

How are the students supervised? We operate a full schedule of classes during the day.  All evening activities are under counselor supervision.  We maintain a dorm counselor to student ratio of 1 counselor for every 12-15 students.

Where do the students stay overnight? Resident students stay overnight on campus in air-conditioned dorms.  Two students are assigned to each room.  A specific roommate can be requested on the application.

What electives are offered? A list of elective classes is e-mailed after the student is admitted.

Why are there 2 prices for the total cost? If we receive the required non-refundable $100 deposit by the postmark date specified on the application, the total cost includes a $25 discount.

If I pay the $100 deposit, when is the balance due? The balance is due approximately one week before camp begins (specific date tbd).

What is an honor group? An honor group is a select group of student musicians from different schools chosen by audition to perform in a concert band, orchestra, choir or jazz ensemble.  District, county or section honor group members receive a $50 discount.  All-State honor group members receive a $100 discount.  Discount applies to honor groups from the current school year only.

I would like to make a recording to submit for a merit scholarship.  What should I put on the recording? General guidelines are available for the Jazz Camp, Senior Camp and Piano Camp.  Please consult your local music teacher for further advice.

What should students bring to camp? After your admission is confirmed, a Student/Parent Information Packet is emailed with detailed information.

Do you provide instruments? We provide pianos, percussion instruments and drum sets for all scheduled rehearsals and concerts.  All other instruments must be supplied by the student.

What are master classes? Teachers on specific instruments give clinics to students on like-instruments.  For example, all trumpet students will attend master classes with the trumpet instructor.  Master classes are only available at the Senior Band, Orchestra, Choir and Piano Camps.

What should I do if my child needs special accommodations?  We strive to accommodate any/all disabilities. Please contact us with specific questions about accommodations:   209.946.2416

Are there any concerts I can attend? We offer a full schedule of concerts for family and friends to attend.  Admission is free.