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Clean Up

Contacting/Scheduling Physical Plant
The clean-up of the room should have been scheduled when equipment was originally delivered. However, if employees do not show up to collect chairs, tables or other equipment within an hour after the event ends, contact Physical Plant.  

Return equipment borrowed from other departments - i.e. cameras, sound equipment, etc.

Return room keys if space was locked - i.e. Regents/Presidents room

Give copies of any photos/video to Office of Communications for archiving - Communications has an online archive of photos and videos that will allow access to photos and video for future events as well as for the library's archive about the history of the University.

File video/photo releases with Office of Communications for legal purposes - all photo release forms must be filed with Office of Marketing and Communications for future legal purposes.

How to return a banner - banners must be returned to the ASUOP office in the second floor of Don and Karen DeRosa University Center. Arrangements can be made with that office to have the banners picked up, if necessary, though typically ASUOP only collects banners for events held in the DUC.

How to write Thank-You Notes
When writing a thank-you note to your guest, make sure it is hand-written and personalized. It's best to mention something specific that they said or did during their visit to make it more personal.