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Day of the Event

Confirm your presentation materials are in order

Making sure signs directing people to parking/event are out - If they are not out, contact public safety.

Did you borrow a banner - how do you get it if you have a weekend event? 

Banners can be picked up by employees on the Friday before a weekend event. However, this will require that those employees know how to properly put together the frame for the banner (it's actually quite easy, but it may be a good idea to have someone demonstrate this several days before the event).

Make sure photographer/videographer has instructions 

Instructions should be given to any photographer or videographer about when they can shoot during an event, and what shots you are looking for in order to promote your program or future events. If you have a guest speaker or guest performer it is important that you check to see when they allow photographer or videographer. Most professional performers only allow photos to be taken during the first five minutes of their speech or performance. Most do not allow video as they are presenting copy written material that they wish to protect. If you are hosting a public event, you normally do not need to get written permission from audience members for photos or video. But, if you are hosting a private event, you may need to have photo/video release forms signed in order to allow photos to be taken and used. Also, be sure to notify your audience of photo restrictions before your program starts.

Confirm that equipment is being delivered 

The service request should state clearly when tables and chairs need to be set up. Call the Physical Plant Office only if the chairs and/or tables are one-half hour late.

Check and make sure equipment is working 

Conduct a test run on all presentations (including Power Point, videos and audio) several hours before the event.  Make sure you know who the technical service provider is for the room you are using in the event of a problem.

Give instructions to greeters/ambassadors/extra security/ how to control meet and greet/autograph lines 

If you are having a "meet and greet" during an event, make sure you have figured out how to handle visitors during that time. You do not want people trying to push their way to see your guest. Think about having a line or scheduling "photo and meet" times with your guest. If it's a popular guest and hundreds of people want to meet that person, consider contacting public safety and asking for help in controlling the "meet and greet" area. You also need to have instructions about who can go backstage, as well as how microphones are handled if there is a question and answer period. Typically at Pacific, questions and answers are handled two ways - either note cards and golf pencils are handed out to the audience before the event starts and then collected five minutes before the Q&A starts, or microphones are brought to people in the audience who have questions. If you are doing the latter - bringing the microphones to audience members - it is advised that your microphone handlers NEVER let go of the microphone. This will allow you to cut off lengthy questions, prevent people from asking multiple questions in a row, and also help prevent disoriented questions from being asked.

If you expect greeters and ambassadors to guide guests, be sure to brief them prior to the event with enough information.

What to do if reporters show up 

Don't panic. Reporters are allowed to cover public events. If the reporter is being disruptive, such as by asking a lot of questions to guests, taking lots of flash photography, or standing in front of guests during lectures in order to video tape, you can kindly ask the reporter to refrain from that activity. Explain to them that they can ask questions after the show, if the schedule permits. Reporters typically will want to ask guests to comment on the event. This is perfectly acceptable but please ask the reporter to conduct interviews in an area that does not block the exit doors from your event. If you are uncomfortable having a reporter at your event or need assistance, feel free to contact Patrick Giblin at 209.946.2313. His cell-phone number is on his voice mail and he typically is available 24/7.

Confirm event planners/special guests will be in attendance

Make sure to touch base with the person who is driving your guest and get their cell phone number. Professional drivers will call you to let you know when they have left a hotel or airport and are headed your way.

What to do if your speaker does not show up - DO NOT PANIC - How to put up cancellation notices

If your speaker cancels at the last moment, contact any other special guests and let them know as soon as possible. You can then contact Marketing and University Communications and ask them to put a cancellation notice on the University's Facebook and Twitter pages as well as on the University's event calendar. Then print notices to place on doors at your event's location announcing that the event has been canceled. Remember to apologize for the inconvenience. If possible, make reference to why the event was canceled (i.e. illness, family emergency, travel issues, etc.). Let people know how they can get ticket refunds or if the event will be held at a later time/date.