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Office of Marketing and Communications
Hand Hall
Second and Third Floors


How to reserve a room 

Call 209.946.2174 to have your room reservation entered into the facilities scheduler. Some rooms may also require you to make a reservation with a department.

  • The Conservatory: takes reservations for Faye Spanos Concert Hall, the Recital Hall and the Rehearsal Hall
  • College of the Pacific takes reservations for the lecture hall in WPC
  • Athletics takes reservations for the Spanos Center and all the on-campus gymnasiums
  • Bechtel International Center is controlled by International Programs and Services.  

If you have questions regarding other facilities not mentioned here, please contact Leslie Rudbeck at 209.946.2174.

How to book a speaker/talent

Professional speakers often have complex contracts and may include a 'rider.'  A rider details what the speaker expects to be provided for them whether it is at their hotel, back stage or during the presentation.  Be sure to read the rider carefully and if you have any contract questions, please contact the Purchasing Department, Rhonda Marr at 209.946.2140.

How to get security at your event 

The University of Pacific Department of Public Safety is charged with planning and operational management of many special events on campus. Public Safety works with the Conference Services, Athletics and many other departments to provide security for a diverse selection of events that occur at Pacific.

The department develops a unique written plan for for each event which contains the number of staff needed, the responsibilities of those involved, crowd and traffic control, logistical and safety concerns. The plan also establishes coordination with other law enforcement and support agencies should their assistance be required. A designated chain of command for every operation is established in advance and an individual may be assigned to complete an after-action-report detailing circumstances arising from the event.

Below is a list of the items taken into account when planning for your event. Based on the information given about the event, a determination as to the amount of Event Security Officers (ESOs) will be made and presented to the group.  The rates vary.  Some events on campus may require one or more sworn Police Officers to attend the event as added security.  Overtime rates may apply.

If you would like more information pertaining to the security to support your event, please contact our Coordinator of Special Events at 209-946-2537.

List of items needed for event security:

  • Date(s) of Event:
  • Index Code/Acct Number/Acct Code:
  • Person who can approve fees:
  • Event Name:
  • Campus Organization hosting event:
  • Campus Contact Person:
  • Contact Phone:
  • Contact Email:
  • Event Start Time:
  • End Date(s)/Time:
  • Venue Location(s):
  • Alcohol: Yes/No
  • Attendance for Event:
  • How was this event advertised?

How to reserve a golf cart or campus escort for a guest 

Public Safety's electric carts are designated for use by S.T.R.I.P.E. and Special Events Security Teams. There are times Public Safety will allow other university personnel to borrow the carts for short periods of time. Drivers must have clearance through Risk Management prior to using a cart. Public Safety can not allow the use of these carts for all day events in order to ensure their availability for their designated purpose. Public Safety does maintain a list of companies that lease carts for longer periods of time. Please contact our office at 209.946.2537 regarding any questions on electric carts.

How to reserve parking 

The administration of reserving parking spaces for special events is now shared between Public Safety and Conference Services.  Determination of which of these two offices will service your special event parking needs depends if you need 3 or less parking spaces reserved OR it you need 4 or more parking spaces reserved. See Parking Reservation Information.

How to handle event signage

Conference Services offers event and directional signage service for campus departments hosting special events at minimal costs. This service includes the creation of event/directional signage and the placement of A-frames with event and directional signage to guide the campus community and invited guests to campus events. See Event Signage Services for more information.

How to get permission to park in non-parking spots 

The University generally does not allow vehicles to park in non-parking spots; however, it occasionally is necessary to allow a loading van or truck to park near a building that has no parking. If this is the case, you should contact public safety at least one week before your event and make arrangements to allow the vehicle access to the building. Through public safety, bollards (the barriers that prevent cars from driving on the sidewalks) can be removed to allow access to vehicles.

How to get food/drink at your event 

Food and drink can be ordered through Bon Appetit. Orders need to be made at least two weeks in advance, preferably much sooner. Bon Appetit has an electronic order form for ordering food for meetings. Food for special functions, such as receptions, can be customized as well. To order food, click here for the form or call Bon Appetit at 209.460.3891.

How to get alcohol and other spirits at your event 

Alcohol and spirits are allowed to be consumed in appropriate manners, though there are restrictions as to where they can be consumed (see university policies for more clarification). Bon Appetit can help with spirit orders for special functions by calling 209.460.3891.

How to get tables/chairs/podiums/stages at your event 

This depends on the venue. Rooms in the Don and Karen DeRosa University Center have tables/chairs/podiums/stages ordered through ASUOP. For the Presidents/Regents Rooms, Grace Covell Hall, any of the lawns, the Great Room, the library Community Room, and the South Gym, chairs and tables are delivered through Physical Plant and can be ordered by using FAMIS.

How to get sound/video equipment at your event

Some venues on campus already have built in sound and video systems. Check with the room managers about availability of sound and video as well as the types of sound and video in each room, as they are all not equal. If sound is not available in a room, or if the room doesn't meet your needs, sound systems can be rented through ASUOP at 209.946.2233 or email Also check with your department's Technical Support Person (TSP) as they might be able to assist you with either sound or video technology.

How to request a photographer at your event - or do you need to take your own pictures?

Photographers and videographers should be scheduled four to six weeks before your event.  There is a photographer request form online that will automatically send your request to the Office of Marketing and Communications. Sending a request does not guarantee that you will get a photographer or videographer, but it will allow the department to evaluate the request. If the department is not able to record or photograph your event, they will assist you in locating a third-party vendor who can provide those services.

How to request a PowerPoint template 

The Office of Marketing and Communications has made many Power Point presentations for the President's Office and can provide the basic structures and slides from those to help you build a professional presentations that says "Pacific."

How to request ambassadors and other staff members

There is an online request form for scheduling ambassadors for your event. It can be found at

How to request the bookstore to sell books at your event 

The on-campus bookstore is operated by Barnes and Noble. They will secure books and can set up sales of books after lectures. These books need to be ordered ahead of time and the bookstore usually requires six to eight weeks to special-order books for a book signing. Contact the on-campus bookstore for more information.