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Tools and Forms

The Nuts and Bolts of Organizing

This quick reference guide includes links to forms and pages to assist you in planning.

Planning timeline - when you need to do certain things for your event

Promotional materials - such as invitations, announcements, postcards, posters and website

Media/press attention - such as press release, invitation to media, etc.

Placing/creating ads - for newspapers, radio and online

Social media- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare

Scheduling security - For safety if needed, parking questions or last minute room access

Scheduling Bon Appetit -for refreshments, dining services, etc. Call 209-460-3891

Requtesting photography - schedule a photographer for your event

Scheduling ambassadors, greeters and other student help - to take tickets, seat people, information, etc.

Scheduling physical plant - for set-up and take-down of table, chairs, and stages

CMS access form

Presidential request form - if you wish to request the President's attendance

University banner request form

Event Planning master sheet - it is recommended that the organizers of every event (regardless of size) use this form to keep track of resources and help plan the event.

Comprehensive timeline- this is a spreadsheet that details a timeline for planning an event