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Schedule Your Event

University of the Pacific hosts many activities. To maximize your audience, choose a day and time that won't conflict with other events that are likely to attract a similar audience.  For example, it might split your potential audience to schedule an art gallery reception at the same time as a poetry reading. If you discover another event complementary to yours, consider a possible collaboration.  This can save budget dollars and maximize participation.  If you are trying to schedule a speaker, it is advised that you already know the best dates for you event in advance of finding the speaker's availability, as this will determine if your event can happen at all.  The earlier you contact the speaker, the more likely you will get your desired date.

You should also consider your target audience's lifestyle. Student events scheduled in the early morning, or during classes and exam weeks tend to draw smaller audiences. Likewise, scheduling a community event during the workday automatically lowers audience numbers. It is suggested that you check to see if a major University event is scheduled for the same day by checking the University's facilities schedule and the University's official public events calendar. If you don't have direct access, you can contact Leslie Rudbeck, the University's scheduler, to reserve your event date and location.  Leslie can be reached at or 209.946.2174. To list your event on the public events calendar which appears on the University's home page.