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Commuter Dining Plans

Why are Commuter Dining Plans
being offered?

              We recognize that part of our University family does not live on campus. Our commuter students may be on campus for one class or spend all day.  A commuter student’s life is hectic, variable, and needs to remain flexible. However, just because you don’t live on campus doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of student benefits.

At the PacificCard™ Office, we are often asked the question:  “What is a good amount of PacificCash™ to put on my card?”.  With the commuter dining plans, we have a good answer.  We have taken the averages of our most popular food service menu items and created a semester total based on days/meals on campus.

Additionally, by utilizing one of the dining plans our commuters can save 3% dining at any location on  campus.

We want all of our students to have easy, affordable eating opportunities, and with a commuter dining plan powered by PacificCash™, we believe you will find all the convenience you’re looking for.

Benefits of the Plans

1. 3% Discount at on campus locations.
2. Funds never expire. They  will remain available even after graduation.
3. Convenience of not having to carry cash.
4. Able to add additional funds at any time.
5. Accepted on and off campus.

Dining Plans

Plan 1 - Just Visiting                                    Plan 2 - Frequent Flyer                                   Plan 3 - Second Home
             3 Days - 1 meal                                           3 Days - 2 meals                                             5 Days - 2 meals
             $325.00 per Semester                                  5 Days - 1 meal                                              $900.00 per Semester 
                                                                                 $540.00 per Semester

How to deposit PacificCash

Deposits can be made by visiting the PacificCARDTM Office, Kiosks located at the Lair in the UC and the Library, using the PacificCARDTM App or by selecting "Manage Your Account" and logging on or quickly by using the "Add Cash Now" link.

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