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Welcome to the Department of Physics

The degree programs in the Physics department prepare students to think deeply through questions, to find and connect abstract relationships to new situations, and to be academically confident and broadly knowledgeable scientists, lifelong learners and teachers.

Expert Faculty—Our faculty members are exceptional teachers and recognized research leaders in their fields of study.

Research Opportunities—Because of our small size we can work closely with our undergraduate students and give them opportunities to participate in research.

Advanced Equipment—Grants through the National Science Foundation and other sources have enabled the Physics department to acquire highly sophisticated instrumentation that supports hands-on learning.

Why Study Physics?

Physics is the study of that which is physical: matter, energy, space and time, which at the fundamental level apparently obey a few general but exquisite laws. These relationships are central to the structure and behavior of everything in our universe. The evolving understanding of these concepts over the centuries has profoundly changed our minds, our lives, and our world.

The faculty and facilities of the Physics Department help students understand and explore these natural relationships, their power, and their limitations.

The study of physics includes mastering very broad fundamentals which apply to everything from atoms to traffic jams to clusters of galaxies. These fundamentals also apply to specific studies in topical specializations like the physics of solid state devices, electromagnetic fields, astrophysics, and computer simulation of physical processes.

"Even logic must give way to physics."

-Spock of Vulcan (Star Trek)

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