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Office of Financial Aid
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University of the Pacific
Office of Financial Aid
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Summer Session FAQ

Important Information 

How will my Pell Grant be affected if I choose to take summer school?

  • Students enrolled in a summer course and eligible for a Pell Grant will be awarded Pell Grant funds. Generally, Federal regulations require Pell Grants to be disbursed in the first eligible (summer) term the student has enrolled in, even if the student does not apply for summer financial aid.
  • Any Pell Grant funds that are disbursed in the summer may affect the student's Spring Payment.       
  • Pell is subject to a lifetime eligibility maximum of twelve semesters. 
  • NOTE: At least half-time enrollment is not required to receive a Pell Grant.

How will my Federal Direct Loans be affected if I choose to take summer school?

  • Students who apply for summer financial aid are eligible to receive Federal Direct Loans if they are taking the required amount of units (6 for undergraduate students and 4 for Graduate students).
  • If a student is eligible to use a portion or all of their loan eligibility for the school year, their fall and spring loan amounts will be affected.
  • Any loan amount not used during the summer sessions will be evenly distributed between the fall and spring terms.
  • Example: If a student is eligible for a $5,500 subsidized Loan and a $2,000 unsubsidized Loan for the year chooses to accept $4,000 in the subsidized Stafford loan for summer session I - 4 units and III - 4 units, the breakdown will be as follows:
Term Amount
  Summer I    $2,000 Subsidized Loan
Summer III $2,000 Subsidized Loan

$750 Subsidized Loan

$1,000 Unsubsidized Loan


$750 Subsidized Loan

$1,000 Unsubsidized Loan


  • If the student did not use loans in the summer, the Subsidized Loan would have been $2,750 for fall and $2,750 for spring. The student will be short by $2,000 for each term. It is the responsibility of the student to plan for this shortfall.

Is there a deadline to apply for summer school?

  • A student would need to apply for and accept summer financial aid no later the beginning of the 5th week of the term they are enrolled. Processing time for summer worksheets are about 3-5 business days.
  • Download the Summer Worksheet here.

What types of aid are available in the summer?

  • Summer financial aid may include a Pell Grant, Direct Loan (the amount given is based on need and remaining eligibility), and a Parent PLUS Loan.
  • Independent students, undergraduate students, and students with unmet financial need may apply for a private loan instead of a Parent PLUS Loan.

What does summer financial aid cover?

  • The same expenses considered during the academic year are considered in summer; tuition, housing, food, books, personal expenses, campus fees and transportation.
  • The total amount of these costs will be calculated based on your summer enrollment: total number of units and number of sessions.

Can I receive financial aid at another institution for the summer?

  • No.
  • Students continuing at Pacific are not eligible to receive financial aid at another institution for the summer term.
  • Doing so may make you ineligible for financial aid at Pacific for the fall and spring terms.

Can I receive financial aid if I am planning on studying abroad?

  • Pacific does not currently have any study abroad programs eligible for summer financial aid.

What happens if I withdraw from my summer courses?

  • Withdrawing from your summer courses means that you drop your classes on or after the first day of class.
  • When a student withdraws from a term, federal regulations require a calculation (Return of Title IV) be performed.
  • Any funds that were not earned by the student are required to be returned to the appropriate federal program.
  • If you are withdrawing from a summer term after classes have began, please inform the financial aid office to see if a Return of Title IV calculation is necessary.
  • Please refer to the Award Policy Booklet for information on how withdrawals are processed.
  • Any funds that are cancelled will be redistributed to your fall and spring terms.
  • Students who withdraw from a summer term will need to contact the Office of Financial Aid.
  • NOTE: If you terminate your enrollment before the first day of classes, your financial aid will be cancelled.

When will my financial aid be disbursed into my student account?

  • Financial aid will be disbursed into your student account on the first day of class of each term.
  • If you are taking more than one summer session, your financial aid will be divided appropriately for each term and will be disbursed into your student account on the first day of classes for each term.