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Virtual Meeting Planner Certificate

Finally, you can acquire the best professional development in virtual meeting planning. Plus get the option of being recognized for your knowledge by becoming a Certified Virtual Meeting Planner (CVP).
Virtual meetings are distance seminars and education featuring audio, slides and video in a synchronous format. They include webinars, webcasts, video casts, two-way web cams, and other audio and video formats.

Discover the various synchronous distance meeting formats available and learn about the technology of producing distance meetings. Then get the best instructional techniques on the design and teaching of effective distance or virtual meetings. Lastly, acquire the virtual meeting planning skills involved in budgeting, pricing, and marketing virtual meetings. 

Section 1: Virtual Meeting Technology

Discover the various synchronous distance meeting formats available and learn about the technology of producing distance meetings. Get introduced to synchronous learning technologies. Then learn about the technology used to produce webinars, webcasts, video streaming and webcams. Acquire the knowledge to work with vendors and get started in setting up your system. After the course, you know about virtual meeting technology and will be able to work with a vendor to set up your own virtual meetings.

Section 2: Keys to Effective Design of Virtual Meetings

Come learn how to make virtual meetings work for you and your organization. Explore the different learning formats for virtual meetings that are available. Learn how to design a virtual meeting that will work with your clients/members. Acquire the skills to train instructors on how to lead a virtual meeting. Take home the presentation techniques that best work with a virtual meeting. And be able to provide expert experience and perspective to those presenting and participating in your virtual meetings. At the end of this course, you will have the keys to the effective design and instruction of virtual meetings.

Section 3: Managing Virtual Meetings

Discover the keys to success in planning, researching, budgeting, pricing, and marketing virtual meetings.
You'll take home the most advanced, comprehensive practical how-to information on program planning and marketing available. Find out the best timeline for planning and marketing webinars, how to do needs assessments and surveys that actually work, how to budget your costs, how to price your webinars, and the most effective ways to promote them. Get information not available anywhere else.

Instructors: William Draves, COI, and Suzanne Kart
Online certificate, one 10-week online course (3 sections) with certification exam for CVP designation.
Course Dates: February 6-April 13 (must register for all three courses)
$795 total (includes certification exam to receive CVP designation)

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