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News from Holt-Atherton Special Collections

Special Collections “Performs” at Monterey Jazz Festival
The Library's Holt-Atherton Special Collections - home of the Brubeck Collection - had special billing at the recent Monterey Jazz Festival 2012. Staff created an exhibit documenting the 50th anniversary of Dave and Iola Brubeck's jazz musical The Real Ambassadors starring Louis Armstrong. The staff also worked closely with Music Management Professor Keith Hatschek who put together a panel discussion on The Real Ambassadors. The highlight project of the weekend was a team of history students, John Langdon and Ignacio Sanchez, who gathered oral histories from festival-goers who attended the live performance of The Real Ambassadors at the 1962 Monterey Jazz Festival. These projects were a collaboration of the library, the history department, the conservatory, and the Brubeck Institute. For more information visit (October 2012)

Stained Glass on Exhibit at Alumni House
University workers uncovered an ornate stained glass window while refurbishing Baun Hall in December 2011. The history holds many twists and turns that are now revealed in an exhibit created by Special Collections staff at the Alumni House. The glass was originally donated around 1890 to the San Jose Pacific campus. Baun Hall was built in 1924, and the glass was added to it during a redesign in 1938 for the school’s library. Sometime around 1970, the glass was covered, although the reasons for doing so are unclear. (October 2012)

Among the Trees with John Muir
A new lobby exhibit highlights The John Muir Papers through the theme of trees. In addition to showcasing Muir’s drawings, letters, books and photographs, the exhibit compares certain trees on campus to ones Muir has drawn. There is also a panel of photographs where Muir is likened to Waldo in the Where’s Waldo books; find Muir by the trees! Muir quotes and articles about trees and conservation are featured as well. The exhibit will be in place until early 2013. (October 2012) 

Stockton Assembly Center Photographs
In the spring of 1942, shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor that started the war between the US and Japan, Japanese Americans from the West Coast were sent to “Assembly Centers” as the intermediate step before being sent to “Relocation Centers” throughout the United States. Members of Stockton’s Japanese American Community, including students at Pacific, assembled at the San Joaquin Fairgrounds in south Stockton. A recent donation of photographs of the Stockton Assembly Center have been added to Holt-Atherton Special Collections’ breadth of materials concerning Japanese American Internment during WWII. Learn more about our collections on this topic. (October 2012)