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Encryption at Pacific

The recommended method to protect your information is to use the encryption software which comes bundled with the operating system of your computer. Encryption converts data to a format that is unreadable by anyone except authorized users. This University-wide encryption service is available to all eligible faculty and staff computers. Studies show that many people who lose or have their computer stolen often have personal and family data at risk, as well as confidential University data.

What type of computer needs to be encrypted?

  • All University desktop and laptop computers purchased using University funds are required to be  be encrypted. 
  • All desktop computers (including RAID desktops) and laptops purchased using University funds are required to be encrypted. 
  • Encrypted computers should be backed up frequently. 

How can I tell if my computer is already encrypted?

  • To verify your computer's encryption status, contact your local TSP or the HelpDesk at 209-946-7400.

How do I enable encryption on my computer?

  • Recommended
    Centrally managed encryption can be requested from your local TSP or by contacting the HelpDesk at 209-946-7400. The stored encryption recovery key can be retrieved from your TSP or the HelpDesk.
  • Users with Administrator privileges
    You can find instructions for enabling encryption on your computer at our encryption FAQ page. The encryption recovery key will not be available from your local TSP or the HelpDesk. Your data will be lost if you forget the password and the recovery key.
  • Linux Users
    The computer should be set up for encryption during the installation of the Linux

Traveling with encrypted laptops abroad

Information on traveling out of the country can be found at our International Travel page.

What types of computers currently do NOT support encryption?

  • Dual-boot/multi-boot computers
  • Virtual Machines

External devices and encryption

  • External USB drives will not be encrypted by the native encryption software. You can use TrueCrypt to secure your drive by following these instructions. If you have any issues, contact your local TSP or the HelpDesk at 209-946-7400.

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