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Outreach Coordinator Pacific Legal Scholars Program
Dr. Cindy Ostberg
Professor of Political Science Director of the Pacific Legal Scholars Program & Pre-Law Advisor
University of the Pacific
Stockton, CA 95211

Program Requirements

Average Time Spent Completing Various
Components of Academic Coursework
Course Pie Chart

Your Legal Education Starts Here

 Students will graduate with the degree of their choice. They will complete seven units of required Legal Scholars curriculum, through a 3+3 or 4+3 track, in addition to their major and general education.

Curricular & Co-Curricular Requirements

  • First Semester - Legal Study Seminar (POLS 60):  Students are introduced to the legal profession and learn vital skills that are necessary to succeed in law school. Students will learn how to read and brief cases, write outlines for final exams and participate and take notes and learn about the Socratic method.
  • Second Semester - Legal Practice Seminar (POLS 62):  Students are introduced to various legal careers and learn how to draw connections between their major and the real world practice of law.  This course dispels various myths about the practice of law, guides students through their legal development and sharpens the skills they need to take law school exams. Guest speakers from the legal field will discuss their career trajectories with the students.
  • Legal Writing and Research Seminar (POLS 175): 

    This is an intensive three-day course taken during the Spring semester of their sophomore year. Students study legal analysis as first-year law students do and begin acquiring legal writing skills. They also learn about resources at Pacific McGeorge School of Law. A faculty member of McGeorge School of Law teaches the course. Read about this highly-ranked course.

  • Upper Division Course in the Law  During their studies at Pacific, students hone their skills for law school by completing one upper division law course that focuses on the Socratic method, case law and briefing. Courses are drawn from a variety of academic disciplines, most notably Business and Political Science.
  • Five Field Trips:  Students have many opportunities to participate in law-related field trips. They must participate in at least five field trips throughout their tenure at Pacific. Past field trips include oral arguments before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, the National Ethics Trial Competition at the Federal Courthouse, a lecture by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, a visit to the law firm of Greenberg and Traurig in Sacramento and oral arguments before the Court of Appeals for the Armed Services.

Other Opportunities

 Pre-Law Internships: Students are encouraged to participate in a legal internship during their tenure at Pacific.  Students in the past have interned at the San Joaquin County District Attorney's Office or Defense Attorney's Office, the Victim Witness Program and in the Chambers of a Superior Court Judge.

Summer Study Abroad: Depending upon the track they pursue, students have the opportunity to build their cross-cultural experience by studying abroad. Legal internships may also be available abroad.