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Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Programs

The University of Pacific offers first-time undergraduate freshmen three options that can lead to guaranteed admission into Pacific's Doctor of Pharmacy program. Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program requirements include passing courses taken in sequence at Pacific, meeting minimum GPAs and passing a formal pharmacy interview (which includes a writing sample). The current University minimum GPA requirement needed to advance from any of these Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Programs into our Professional Pharmacy Program is 3.00 overall and 2.70 in selected math/science courses.

The implementation of specific admission criteria for the Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program is meant to ensure that students have the appropriate time to successfully prepare for advancement into the Professional Pharmacy Program.

Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program Curriculum

Current minimum criteria for consideration:  (University of the Pacific reserves the right to change criteria for freshmen entering in subsequent years.)

Please Note: The Pre-Pharmacy Advantage program is not available for students who transfer to Pacific.*

Apply now for the Pre-Pharmacy Program:

Visit the Undergraduate Admission page for application instructions.

Visit the Deadlines and Key dates page for information on application deadlines and decision dates.

Applying to Pacific's Pharm.D. program after attending another institution

Students who attend other institutions to complete their required pre-pharmacy courses and/or their Bachelor's degree are welcome to apply directly to the Pharm.D. program at Pacific. However, in recent years, admission for those applying from other institutions has been very competitive.

Space is limited, so courses, grades, academic maturity and work experience are all taken into consideration.

Students from other institutions may apply during their second year of college if they are completing Pacific's pre-pharmacy requirements, but the vast majority of those admitted from other institutions are in at least their fourth year of college and will be completing a bachelor's degree before enrolling.

Most of the successful Pharm.D. applicants from other institutions also have work experience in a pharmacy or other health-related environment.

* There is no formal "pre-pharmacy advantage" available to a student who attends another institution for a semester to two years and then transfers as a science major into Pacific's arts and sciences division. We have excellent undergraduate programs to which transfers are welcome to apply, but once here, these students will compete with those applying from other institutions for space in the Pharm.D. program.