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Office of Cooperative Education
Chambers Technology Center 105
Jennifer Smith
Cooperative Education Coordinator
School of Engineering and Computer Science
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Summer Jumpstart

JUNE 11, 2012 - JULY 9, 2012

The transition from high school to college is a really big step!  It can feel like going from t-ball straight to the Majors!  Since engineering and computer science are actually professional degrees, this adjustment can be especially challenging.

Pacific offers a unique program for easing this transition and increasing student overall success.  Here is how it works:

  • Enroll in your first math course in summer school at Pacific during Summer Session II.  By taking just one course, you will be able to focus extra carefully on this class, easing yourself into the most important subject area of your college degree.
  • Free tutoring - You will be able to do all your homework each day in a study hall that includes free tutoring.  Students can work together on their homework, getting help as they need it.
  • Chemistry review sessions- Some students do not feel adequately prepared from their high school chemistry class.  These overviews will close that gap.
  • Enrichment dinner programs - You will be invited to attend dinner programs Mondays - Thursdays with 45-minute presentations including:
     -Extra tips on thriving in college
     -Research presentation by your professors
     -How you can be involved
     -Special workshops on technical skills like AutoCAD
     -Fun technical competitions
  • Live on campus - You can live and eat on campus.  You will be grouped with the other entering engineering and computer science majors in a residence hall.
  • Classmate relationships - You will meet many of the students whom you will be working with over the course of your degree.


It's a Good Deal

More and more students are participating in summer school.  Summer school tuition is almost half the normal cost, so students can make significant progress towards their degrees, potentially saving much money in the long run.  And the courses completed over the summer can help open the door for students to graduate a semester earlier, allowing them to start their careers that much sooner.  Other students will use it to fit in a second major or a minor.

students on campus

Summer Jumpstart Brochure

Free tutoring / Extra support by the professor / Optional evening enrichment programs / Possible optional chemistry review sessions / Evening and weekend activities / Students choosing to live on campus are clustered in a residence hall together

Courses Available

Your faculty advisor will help you to determine which math course you need to take this summer:

MATH 41 - Pre-calculus

MATH 51 - Calculus I

MATH 53 - Calculus II

MATH 55 - Calculus III

Typical Day in Summer Jumpstart

7:30 - Breakfast
9:30 - 11:40 - Class
12:00 - Lunch
1:00 - 5:00 - Open study hours with free tutoring
3:00 - 6:00 - Free time
6:00 - Dinner program
6:45 - Free time with possible optional student life program