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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What information do I need to submit by the application deadline?

All application information — application form, essay, transcripts, standardized test scores and letters of recommendation — must be submitted by the following application deadlines:

  • Freshman (September/Fall) entry – December 1 of preceding year
  • Transfer (January/Spring) entry – September 1 of preceding year

2. If I apply as a transfer student, what are the recommended prerequisite general education course equivalents at my college?

Course equivalents for many colleges may be on the Dental Hygiene Transfer Admission page.

  • If the school you are attending is not currently listed please contact the Office of Admission where course equivalents may be researched.
  • Generally, Pacific requests general biology and chemistry course sequences recommended for science majors.

3. Do I need to have all prerequisite courses completed at the time of application?

You may have coursework in progress at the time of application. All prerequisite coursework must be complete prior to entry into the professional portion of the program. Transcripts confirming completion must be filed with the Office of Admission.

4. May I utilize advance placement credits for prerequisite coursework?

The University has a protocol for utilization of advanced placement credits which the Office of Admissions will be happy to review with applicants either by e-mail: or phone: (209) 946-2211

5. If I am a graduate of a dental assisting program will I need to take all courses in the professional portion of the program?

Yes. Vocational units from a dental assisting program are not applicable for advance placement in the professional portion of the program. Skill proficiency may, however, make coursework easier in given subjects.

6. What is the application process if my prerequisite coursework was completed in a foreign country?

Upon application, the Office of Admission will research your course equivalents and advise you of any additional prerequisite coursework which might be necessary prior to application. We recommend application at the earliest possible date as researching equivalents may be time intensive.

7. If I am a practicing dentist from another country, may I apply to the dental hygiene program?

You are eligible to apply to Pacific’s dental hygiene program if the prerequisites are met. You may also be interested in applying to Pacific School of Dentistry’s International Dental Studies program, a 2-year program that provides qualified graduates of foreign dental programs the opportunity to earn the Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. For further information, please call 415-929-6688.

The application deadline for transfer is September 1 for the following January.

The Dental Hygiene program does not offer advanced standing in the professional portion of the program. Foreign dental school graduates must attend all dental hygiene classes in preparation for National and State Dental Hygiene Board examination.

8. What if a student isn’t accepted into the Dental Hygiene program, but wishes to enter Pacific under another major with the intent to change majors (into hygiene) in future?

Students are welcome to apply for admission to the University at large with the understanding that application for transfer into the professional portion of the hygiene program is on a competitive basis. An applicant who is a current student of the University of the Pacific will be guaranteed an interview for transfer admission into the program; however, they will not be guaranteed admission into the professional portion of the Dental Hygiene program based solely on doing prerequisite work at Pacific.

9. If accepted, can I take dental hygiene coursework on a part time basis?

The coursework schedule, once accepted into professional portion of the program, must be completed in four sequential semesters of full time coursework. The course schedule is anticipated to run from approximately 8:00 or 9:00 am through 4:00 or 5:00 pm daily.