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University of the Pacific
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Dental Hygiene - Transfer Students

Transfer application for Dental Hygiene are only accepted for the spring semester and are due August 1st of the preceding year.

Transfer Requirements | Transfer Admission Process | Transferable Courses Information

Transfer Requirements

Minimum Grade Requirement for Prerequisites
Substitution of Alternate Course for Prerequisite (when a grade of less than a "C" is earned). A student who enrolls in and completes a prerequisite course with a grade of C- may be allowed to take an alternate higher level course in lieu of repeating the course. The substitute courses should be approved by the program coordinator.

Age of Coursework
Students who have not completed a science course within the past three years will be required to enroll in and complete one science course with a grade of "C" or higher prior to enrollment in the program.

Advanced Standing:
Students who transfer to Pacific having completed a portion of a dental hygiene program will NOT be given advanced standing in the program. Students admitted with such coursework will be expected to complete the professional program in its entirety.

Foreign Education:
Please refer to the Additional Requirements for Undergraduate Applicants Seeking International Transfer Credit on the following link

Transfer Admission Process

The admission committee carefully considers each applicant's scholastic record, essay and letters of recommendation. Other personal attributes and qualities as well as demonstration of his or her understanding about a career in the dental profession are also reviewed.

Applicants whose credentials appear to meet requirements, as outlined below, and are determined to be strong candidates, are invited to the school for an interview. Those selected for an interview will be notified shortly after the application deadline and given available dates for the interview. In addition, on that interview date, applicants participate in an orientation seminar and tour the school.

Students with 64 or more college units, who have completed or are currently completing the program prerequisites, will be considered for transfer admission into the program each spring semester.

Students will be required, upon admission to the dental hygiene program, to proceed through successive semesters without lapse, meet all prerequisite requirements, and maintain an acceptable grade point average.

Transferable Courses

Transfer students who have successfully completed the greatest number of equivalents to the general education courses listed below will have a greater chance of admission.Coursework in progress at the time of application is acceptable. Upon admission, all pre-requisites must be completed prior to January transfer into the dental hygiene program.

Pacific currently has identified equivalencies with many other institutions. To look at the articulation agreements we have with other institution, please use our online database of articulated courses (ROAR) at You will need to determine if the courses you plan on transfering to Pacific are equivalent to the courses listed below.

If you are a current Pacific student and would like to apply to the Dental Hygiene Program please contact the Registrar's Office and complete the Change of Prgram/Major form.

Please use the following information to help you self-identify equivalent courses from your school. The courses listed below are Pacific Courses.

Pacific courses that you will need transferable course equivalencies for.

  1. Biology 51: Principles of Biology (4 units)
    General Education III A requirement fulfilled
  2. Biology 61: Principles of Biology (4 units)
  3. Biology 145: Microbiology (4 units)
  4. Biology 111: Anatomy & Physiology (4 units)
  5. Chemistry 25: General Chemistry (5 units)
  6. Chemistry 27: General Chemistry (5 units)
  7. Chemistry 121: Organic Chemistry 3 units, without lab
  8. Communications 27: Public Speaking (3 units)
    General Education II A requirement fulfilled
  9. English 25: Intro (4 units)
  10. Mathematics 37: Statistics and Probability (4 units)
    General Education III B requirement fulfilled
  11. Psychology 31: Intro to Psychology(4 units)
    General Education I A requirement fulfilled
  12. Sociology 51: Intro to Sociology (4 units)
  13. One course that must articulate with Pacific General Education
    Category I-C: Global Studies
  14. One course that must articulate with Pacific General Education
    Category II-B: Worldviews & Ethics
  15. One course that must articulate with Pacific General Education
    Category II-B: Worldviews & Ethics
    Category II-C: Visual and Performing Arts

Total Units Required = 64 semester units or 95 quarter units

Note: students may take transferable elective courses to meet the 64 semester unit or 95 quarter unit requirement.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Admissions.