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Pacific WASC EER Evaluation Team

Andrew K. Benton

Andrew K. Benton, WASC Chair

Pepperdine University




Robin Romans

Robin Romans, Ph.D., WASC Assistant Chair/Team Editor
Associate Provost
University of Southern California




Susan Albertine

Susan Albertine, Ph.D.
Vice President
Association of American Colleges and Universities




Renee Barnett Terry

Renee Barnett Terry, Ph.D.
Dean of Student Affairs, retired
University of California, San Diego




Joanne M. Coville

Joanne M. Coville
Vice President of Business Affairs and Treasurer
Scripps College




Teresa Van Horn

 Teresa Van Horn
Director, Nonprofit Leadership Alliance and Leadership Studies Minor
niversity of San Diego




Michael Webber

Michael Webber, Ph.D.
Interim Dean, School of Management
University of San Francisco