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Enforcement Procedures

Traffic Violations

Vehicles in violation of University Parking Regulations are subject to being towed.

Moving Violations

If the violation involves a vehicle which has an operator, that person shall cooperate fully with Public Safety Officers by furnishing all information requested (e.g., driver's license, proof of registration, etc.).

Parking Citations

Parking citations issued by the Department of Public Safety are processed directly through T2 Systems. Compliance with the instructions on the back of the citation becomes the responsibility of the cited individual.  All payments/appeals are processed online through T2 Systems; the university does not accept payment for citations received on the Stockton campus.

Removal Of Vehicles

The Department of Public Safety shall have the authority to remove any vehicle parked in violation of parking regulations, if the vehicle is endangering any life or property (e.g., leaking gas, vehicle on fire) or if the vehicle is an obstruction to any emergency vehicle. The owner shall be responsible for any charges related to towing or storage of the vehicle. The University assumes no responsibility.

Parking Citation Review Policy

There are three stages for all contested parking citation appeals: an Initial Review process, an Administrative Review process, and a final review by the San Joaquin County Superior Court (online portal).

Under this system, officers will not have to appear for the Initial and Administrative review process. There is no-charge for the Initial Review and Administrative Review; the civil court process does have an administrative fee as set by the court.

Citation Appeal Procedure

If you want to contest a parking citation, you must access the T2 Systems parking portal to "appeal" the issuance of the citation within twenty-one (21) days of receiving the citation.  (This first step of the process is the Initial Review.)  Parking citations will generally not be dismissed for a lost or forgotten permit, for an improperly displayed permit, not knowing the campus parking regulations, and not reading signs posted on the campus.  Please be specific in explaining why you believe the citation should be dismissed (you may upload supporting information to the system).

Online. The person receiving the citation can access the portal here -- online.

T2 Systems will process the appeal and provide response to the person.  If the person wishes to appeal the results of the Initial Review, he/she must advise T2 Systems of their desire to process an Administrative Review within ten (10) days after receiving notification of the Initial Review's decision. This review is also completed online but will be reviewed by an independent examiner hired by the University.  The date and time of the Administrative Review will be provided to the cited person.

If the citation is dismissed, no further action is required. If the citation is not dismissed, the decision of the independent examiner is final. No other campus review is permitted. If the person wishes to contest the appeal beyond the university's review process, he/she may contest the citation to the Stockton Traffic Court within thirty (30) days after receiving notification of the examiner's decision. The court provides an information number (1-800-281-7275) for further contact.  It will be necessary for a Notice of Appeal form to be prepared by the person for the Court. The Notice of Appeal form can be obtained from the Department of Public Safety.