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Traffic Regulations

Speed Limit

The maximum speed limit on campus streets is 15 miles per hour for all vehicles. The parking lot speed limit is 10 miles per hour for all vehicles.


Pedestrians shall be given the right of way at all times. Pedestrians should cross streets only at designated crosswalks.

Wood Memorial Bridge

Unauthorized motor vehicles, including motorized cycles, are prohibited on the Wood Memorial Bridge.


No person shall drive, stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle whether attended or not, upon any driveway, sidewalk, landscaped area or any area not marked for parking or in any other location that will obstruct the view of any sign posted by the Department of Public Safety.

Barriers, Posts, Gates And Fences

No person may remove, damage or alter or otherwise circumvent any barrier, post, gate or fence erected by the University for control of parking and/or traffic.