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General Regulations


The University is not liable or responsible for damage or loss to any vehicle while on campus. The University assumes no liability for damages to personal property arising from parking privileges.

Parking decals and temporary permits

All motor vehicles parked on University property must either have a properly authorized temporary parking permit which is displayed according to instructions on the permit or a valid annual decal. Vehicles displaying parking permits or decals which are improperly located are subject to citation. Permission to drive or park on University property may be denied by proper authority at anytime.

Parking space

Possession of a current parking permit or pass does not guarantee a parking space. The responsibility of locating a legal parking space in any given lot or street rests solely with the holder of the permit or pass.

Overnight Parking

Overnight parking is prohibited year round in certain designated areas, except those vehicles authorized by the Department of Public Safety.

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance is not permitted on campus. Violators are subject to citations and charges for cleanup. Heavy fines are imposed for oil/petroleum products left on the roadways.

Abandon Vehicles

No person may abandon, wreck, dismantle, or render any vehicle inoperable on University property. Emergency repairs may be made only with the approval of the Department of Public Safety. A 72 hour towing notice may be attached to abandoned vehicles. If the vehicle is not removed within 72 hours in compliance with this notice, the vehicle may be towed at the owner's expense.


Motorcycles may not be driven off normal motor vehicle traffic routes and must be parked in designated motorcycle areas. Mopeds may not be driven on sidewalks or on the Wood Memorial Footbridge.


Skateboarding and roller-skating on campus is permitted for transportation purposes only. Recreational use, including tricks, jumps, or movement that endangers self, others, or damages University property, is prohibited.

Equestrian Traffic

Horses are not permitted on campus at anytime except when specifically authorized by the Department of Public Safety.

Non-resident Vehicle Registration Requirements

Any vehicle entering the State of California is subject to registration requirements as administered by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.  Further information is available at the DMV website.