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The provisions of the California Vehicle Code and University regulations issued by the Board of Regents of the University will be enforced by the Department of Public Safety on all property owned and/or operated by the University.

Parking and traffic regulations are established under the authority of Section 21113 of the California Vehicle Code. These regulations apply to all faculty, staff, students and visitors of the University and are intended to:

•·         Promote pedestrian and vehicular safety. Make parking facilities available to all members of the campus community.

•·         Ensure access at all times for ambulances, firefighting equipment and other emergency/service vehicles.

•·         Provide proper collection of parking fees.

•·         Provide limited visitor parking.

Suspension of Parking Regulations

The Department of Public Safety shall reserve the right to temporarily suspend parking regulations for the general public who may attend special events on campus (e.g., athletic events, concerts, conferences, commencement ceremonies, etc.)

Special Exemptions

All public owned and operated vehicles and those vehicles specifically authorized by the University shall be exempt from certain provisions of the University Parking Regulations when actively involved in the performance of University business, maintenance or emergency services.

Roadway Closure

Any campus roadway, alley, driveway, parking area or any portion, hereof, may be closed when necessary.

Motorists are required to obey verbal orders of a Public Safety Officer.