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Message from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

In the last month, now a year since Dave's passing, I am once again reminded of the enormous impact and indelible mark left by great leaders, visionaries, teachers and artists. With Nelson Mandela's death, the entire world celebrated the life of one of the greatest statesmen and catalysts of our modern age. Closer to home, I lost a 96-year-old mentor, William Adam, who will be remembered as one of the great trumpet pedagogues of the 20th century.

While many of us may see our own children and descendants as a way to sustain our individual legacies, some, like Nelson Mandela, Bill Adam and Dave Brubeck, are identified more universally, with critical moments in time, history and culture. They create legacy by changing our hearts and the way in which we view the world. Sitting in a movie theater in Northern California watching a movie about the making of "Mary Poppins" and America in the early 1960's, I was transported by strains of the Dave Brubeck Quartet from the album Dave Digs Disney. I remembered the stories about Dave recording this album after countless nightly meals of Disney tunes as bedtime approached at the Brubeck home. Almost every day, I receive a note, email or message reminding me of the myriad ways, big and small, in which Dave changed the world.

Yours Truly,

Simon Rowe
Executive Director