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Pacific deeply values transfer students.  You enter our program ready to enroll in all our upper-division courses.  Transfer students bring much positive energy to make an immediate impact.

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School of Engineering and Computer Science
Chambers Technology Center
Olivia Villarreal
Recruitment and Retention Specialist
CTC 103
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Welcome Prospective Transfer Students

This page will assist you as you plan your courses at your current college, and as you prepare to transition in to Pacific.  This page is very specific for Engineering and Computer Science majors. Click here for University-wide general information for Transfer Applicants.

Major requirements:
1.  We want to help you select courses at your current college that will transfer and satisfy actual degree requirements.  The first thing you need to do is look at the curriculum plan for your intended major.  Pick from one of the majors below.

2.  Next, look at the courses on the curriculum plan for your major for the first two years.  These are the courses that you would want to take at your community college (with the exception of Pacific Seminar - If you transfer in to Pacific with 28 or more credit units, you will not be required to take Pacific Seminar 1 or 2).  You can identify the corresponding courses at your respective community college through:  ROAR 

Click here to view the courses typically taken by Engineering and Computer Science students at Pacific their first two years.

3. If you are attending one of the following community colleges, then you can go to Engineering and Computer Science Community College to Pacific Course Articulation to see the corresponding courses. 

  • American River College      
  • Consumnes River College
  • Las Positas College
  • Modesto Junior College
  • Sacramento City College
  • San Joaquin Delta College  
  • Sierra College
  • Folsom Lake College
  • Yuba College

Note:  Listed are a majority of the general Engineering and Computer Science courses students at Pacific usually take, along with the equivalent transferrable courses from the various colleges listed above.  This is not an agreement, and it is highly recommended that students consult with a Faculty Advisor or Administrator at Pacific's School of Engineering and Computer Science prior to any arrangements.  Course articulations are subject to change.  These are shown for reference only.  Actual articulations are done by the Registrars Office and transfer students should check ROAR for the most current articulations.  For assistance, contact Olivia Villarreal at 209-946-3064 or email at

General Education Requirement
You can take up to five General Education Courses prior to entering Pacific. Pacific has nine General Education categories, listed below. You can take one course in each of the following categories:  IA, IB, IC, IIA, and IIC. The following are sample General Education courses students take for each category. You can look up one of the following specific courses on ROAR, or you can do a search on ROAR by the following categories to see other possible courses at your respective college.

I A-Individual & Interpersonal Behavior 
Intro to Microeconomics-ECON 53
Intro to Psychology-PSYC 031
Human Sexuality--PSYC 066
Abnormal Psych-PSYC 111

I B-United States Studies
Intro to Macroeconomics-ECON 055
US History I-HIST 020
US History II-HIST 021
US Gov't & Politics-POLS 041
Intro to Sociology-SOCI 051

I C-Global Studies
Intro to Cultural Anthropology-ANTH 053
Classical Mythology-CLASS 051

II A-Language & Literature   
Public Speaking-COMM 027 
Shakespeare-ENGL 031
Foreign Languages-1st & 2nd sem.      

II B -Worldviews & Ethics
Engr 30 - required   

II C -Language & Literature
Survey of World Art to 1400-ARTH 007
Survey of World Artafter 1400-ARTH 009
Drawing-ARTS 005
Ceramics-ARTS 035
Sculpture-ARTS 037
Digital Photography-ARTS 045         

III A- Natural Sciences
Do not take from this category   

III B-Mathematics & Formal Logic
Do not take from this category     

III C -Science, Technology & Society
Do not take from this category                              

Click here for Delta College general education course articulations.

Click here for Modesto Junior College general education course articulations.

The School will, under certain circumstances, allow one substitution of a course taken prior to transferring to Pacific to meet requirements in a different area within the same category.

  • English 1A 

    Most colleges have a basic writing course called, "English 1A" or something very similar.  If your writing skills are very strong, you will not be required to take a course like this at Pacific (you will be given a reading and a writing test to determine whether you have passed Pacific's Fundamental Skills Requirement in reading and writing).  But it is a good course anyhow, so you may want to consider taking it at your current college, thereby exempting yourself from any possibility of having to take it once you get to Pacific.  (English 1A does not count as a General Education course).

  • Faculty Advising at Pacific 

    Students should confirm their course planning and articulations with a faculty advisor at Pacific or through the ROAR site.  Pacific is willing to provide you with academic advising while you are still at the community college.  You must complete Calculus I first.  And then you may contact us to arrange an appointment with a faculty advisor for your respective major.  For more information, contact:  Dr Gary Martin, Assistant Dean 209-946-3064 or

  • How soon can you transfer?  Community college students can transfer to the School of Engineering and Computer Science at any point in their academic program.  Most state colleges require that community college students complete their entire freshman and sophomore curriculum prior to transferring to the four-year universities.  This is not true at Pacific.  If you do not have a least 15 units of college credit, then Pacific will also require the SAT or ACT and will heavily consider your high school academic records as well.  The stronger your grades and the harder your courses, the sooner you could be admitted to Pacific.