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“I liked and appreciated the interaction between the instructor and the class attendees. The mixed work groups were very useful and attendees background experience helped make this very effective.”
–Eric Contreras, Rail Safety Inspector

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Westgate Center for Leadership & Management Development

University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Program Benefits

  • Promote your career development opportunities.
  • Enhance your skills in your current position.
  • Broaden your knowledge of industry management principles and practices.
  • Enhance your ability to achieve greater success for your organization.

The topics in this program provide key management and industry essentials for transportation professionals like you. As a participant, you must attend seven of the eight classes to receive a Transit and Paratransit Management Certificate from the University of the Pacific Westgate Center for Leadership and Management Development. Completion of all eight classes earns you five Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

What is a Certificate Program?

A Certificate Program is a thematic group of courses within an academic discipline, industry, profession or interest area. By enrolling in and completing a Certificate Program, you can enhance your personal and professional development through a comprehensive learning experience. The number of courses required for each Certificate Progam can vary, depending on the in-depth knowledge needed for the completion of the program.

What you will get:

"Training is a golden opportunity, not to mention very important to do on a regular basis. I learned about many areas of transportation that I would have never thought about. I liked the interaction with the other classmates. They all have the knowledge to offer from all their areas. Thank you for this great opportunity."
-Jose Gonzalez, City of El Monte Transportation

Completing the entire Certificate Program is an investment in yourself and your organization. It will give you a thorough understanding of what it takes to be a successful transportation manager. You will learn basic principles of management, operations, budgeting, and leadership, in a transit context. You will see how transit systems can be designed, operated and monitored to enhance performance. Depending on the topics chosen, you will understand how marketing, changing technology, risk management, and human resources interact with today's passenger transportation systems. Whether you serve rural, suburban or urban areas, you will personally benefit from this program.