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    Callison Hall is the Powell Scholars' unique space on campus dedicated to academic, creative, and leadership activities. more

    The Benerd College offers several programs that include both teaching credentialing and service credentialing. Our focus is to guide our students through the process of obtaining not only a degree but also to help them through the credentialing process. For students who are interested in teaching at the elementary or secondary levels, we offer programs that lead to the Multiple Subject or Single Subject California Teaching Credential. If a student desires to teach special education, Benerd College offers Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe Education Specialist California Credential programs. All of the credentials that we offer are preliminary aside form the School Psychology Credential. more

    Learn about the facilities of the College of the Pacific, the largest school of the University. more

    Learn more about the faculty who will help you along your journey as a Legal Scholar. more

    Frequently asked questions regarding the Pacific Legal Scholars Program. more

    The Freshman Honors Program is designed for academically talented students from all programs and majors who want to be a part of a vibrant intellectual and social community supported by enriching extra-curricular programs. We want to encourage our students to be well-rounded individuals and their academic program is supplemented with various activities, such as sports, performing or visual arts, audio-visual media, community outreach, and culinary arts. Freshman Honors students usually live in the Honors Residence Hall, which has become well known as the best place on campus for freshmen to reside. more

    Give to School of Engineering and Computer Science more

    Pacific hosts chapters of distinguished national honor societies, including Phi Beta Kappa. more