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Prep USA - Reach for the Stars Academy

Prep - USA Reach for the Stars Academy is a groundbreaking new program at University of the Pacific that prepares promising young students for careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)-related fields. This innovative academy, modeled on TexPrep, a successful 32-year-old program developed at University of Texas - San Antonio, aims to:

  • Promote abstract reasoning and critical thinking skills in students
  • Prepare students for Advancement Placement or honors classes
  • Increase participants' excitement about STEM fields though field trips and guest speakers
  • Inspire underprivileged students to attend and succeed in college

In June 2011, Pacific and its partners launched the five-week Reach for the Stars Academy at the Stockton campus, educating 34 promising low-income students from five area K-8 schools. The result: 33 of the 34 Reach for the Stars Academy participants improved their scores on a standardized logic and mathematics test administered at the beginning and end of the session. On average, student scores jumped an impressive seven points on the 20-point exam.

Academy graduates are far more likely to attend college, pay higher taxes and contribute to society than their peers. In a world that increasingly demands scientific and technological proficiency, the need for Reach for the Stars Academy has never been greater.

Questions should be directed to Nancy Shaw at or 209.946.2287