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Reynolds Gallery

The Reynolds Gallery is located in the Jeannette Powell Art Center, 1071 W. Mendocino Ave. in Stockton. Gallery hours are Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Admission is free. Currently, the Reynolds Gallery exhibition program runs only during the academic year.

Mission & Vision

The Reynolds Gallery encourages the exchange of artistic and cultural ideas, and provides Pacific students and the larger region with a forum to explore traditional and contemporary art and design. The Reynolds Gallery is a premier space located in the Jeannette Powell Art Center, dedicated to the exhibition of art. It provides a means to develop perceptual skills and a visual arts language, knowledge of diverse media, and an understanding of the historical and cultural context of the visual arts.

The Reynolds Gallery acts as a crossroads for Pacific students and the region, making connections between artists and audience, and the visual arts and other disciplines. It also serves to promote the application of visual literacy, professional development, and personal growth. In support of the department's educational mission, two exhibitions a year focus on student artwork, which allows students the opportunity to exhibit artwork in a professional setting.


The Reynolds Gallery hosts artists and scholars in a series of exhibitions, lectures, and workshops to link our students and region to the Art Department's curricular programs. The Reynolds Gallery provides professional development opportunities for students through classes, under-graduate research and internships.

*Gallery hours are subject to University holiday schedule.

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