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The French Revolution 1789-1799

When King Louis XVI received news of the fall of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, he exclaimed, 'Is this a revolt?' The messenger, who had just arrived at Versailles from Paris responded, 'No sire, it is a revolution!' Through a series of films, lectures, and eyewitness accounts this course will take you on a journey through the French Revolution. You'll witness the fall of the Bastille, the rise of Robespierre, the sad march of the condemned to the guillotine, and the outbreak of war. You'll also meet fascinating characters, who were at the center of events, such as Marie Antoinette, Thomas Jefferson, and Danton.  

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Course Date:
Aug. 24, 2020 to Dec. 13, 2020
Format:  Online
Academic Units: 1
Course Code(s): XHIS 052 
Course Cost: $300
Instructor: George Yagi

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