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Department of Art and Graphic Design Office
Brett DeBoer
Department Chair
College of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Success After Pacific

The Department of Art and Graphic Design is proud of the hundreds of living alumni who have their degree in Art and Graphic Design from University of the Pacific. Take a look at where some of them have taken their Art and Graphic Design degrees since they graduated from Pacific.

Becca Wyant '13

Visual Storyteller

Graphic Design alumna Becca Wyant

Becca Wyant majored in Graphic Design and did a "self-proclaimed minor in Photography," having taken all the Photography classes offered at Pacific. She is currently working for FINIS, Inc. (a swimming company) as the company's Visual Storyteller. She manages and produces the photography, videography, and print graphic design. As a swimmer, being able to combine her lifelong passion for swimming and tie it with design and photography has been a dream come true. She loves the people she works with, and what her company stands for with their mission and vision. "But I guess what I love most about my job, is leading our visuals and having the creative freedom. When you're in a creative position at a company, you're always told to think outside the box and are constantly asked for things to be 'new and fresh'-- being at FINIS, I've been able to push that idea each and every time. What I've learned is, as long as you have a vision and are passionate about it, people get on board. And when people get on board, you get excited, and then the magic happens. Making magic happen. Yeah, that's what I like about my job," Becca says.

To students who are considering studying Art and Graphic Design, Becca says, "Take a variety of classes! Don't follow a strict path of Graphic Design courses only or Fine Arts only, explore as much as possible. The beauty of being in a creative field is you can incorporate so much into it. Always look for the bridges-- sometimes they might be tricky to find, but once you see them, they're grand. I've gathered loads of inspiration from my print making, 3D, painting, drawing, and especially photography courses. Get messy. The more you can put your hands into, the better. There really isn't another world like a creative one. It puts you into a field that, yes, is competitive, but you're in a position that people are always looking at and, more importantly, need. People are always looking for art in some form and are always wanting more."

Regarding her time at Pacific, Becca recalls that it was split between two worlds most of the time, as she was either at the pool or at the art department. But she especially loves her time at the art department. "The friends that I met there, the professors that always encouraged me-- got me to where I am today," she says. And perhaps her favorite memories include all the long nights at the art department and all the great projects she overcame. She adds, "I won't ever forget the opening night of my Senior Art Show. It was an evening of friends, family, and teachers-- all sharing accomplishments, letting loose from stresses, and eating, drinking and being merry. It was a night that we all were simply happy with our journey and excited for what was next. A night we truly appreciated all that we had done and been for each other. From an outside perspective, it might have just been an art show and a party, but it sure was one that I remember as being marvelous and full."

Becca says that she learned a lot from her friends and professors when studying Art and Graphic Design at Pacific. "I originally started as a theater major and then switched over, and it was the best decision of my life. Like any college experience, there were ups as well as downs, but I wouldn't have changed any part of it. Always build relationships and take advice to heart. And as a note to sign off on (and just to say once more with feeling), as long as you're passionate about what is you want to do, the people here will help your every step along the way."

David Mayman '10

Interaction Designer

Graphic Design alumnus David Mayman

David Mayman graduated in 2010 with a BA in Graphic Design. He currently works as an interaction designer at an experience design digital agency called Method. Regarding his job, David says that he likes, "Problem solving for a wide range of industries; performing deep immersion research to develop smart, well crafted solutions; pushing the design industry forward with technology; and designing for the end user's experience."  

To students who are interested in studying Art and Graphic Design at Pacific, David advises them to, "Diversify your practice: there are so many types of design, and Graphic Design is only an entry point to your actual career. Flex what it means to be a graphic designer and try everything. Many designers in many industries come from a graphic design background, but now do something completely different. The fundamental value of a designer is in the way we think, which can be applied to many skills throughout your life."

As for his favorite memory at Pacific, David says that he particularly enjoyed working on the Pacific Lantern wayfinding project. "We conducted it much like an actual industry project, working collaboratively as a team. It helped prepare me for the working world," he says.

Kristen Dyke '03

Owner of Port City Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Graphic Design alumna Kristen Dyke

Kristen Dyke graduated in 2003 with a BFA in Graphic Design. She is currently located in Stockton, where she is the owner of a marketing and advertising firm called Port City Marketing Solutions, Inc. "I love that I am able to do what I love and help businesses in Stockton," Kristen says regarding her favorite part of her job. "I have the schedule flexibility to also give back to the community which is a huge part of our business."

To students who are considering studying Art and Graphic Design at Pacific, Kristen says, "Take as many different classes as you can and take full advantage of the opportunities Pacific and Stockton has to offer." 

Regarding her favorite memory at Pacific, Kristen recalls that there are many great memories. But, the ones she remembers most fondly revolve around being on the field hockey team and the great friendships she formed at Pacific.

Kristen adds that there are a lot of great opportunities for students, not only at Pacific, but in the local Stockton community as well. "Pacific and Stockton is extremely supportive of students so get out there and meet new people and take advantage of the family of Stockton," she says.


"After graduating from Pacific I have had the fortune of working for clients such as Apple, Google, HP, Cisco, GE, Chevron, Adobe, and others. I treasure my way of thinking, my designs and the spark of creativity that started my career as a designer.”

Anish Bhasin
B.F.A. Graphic Design, 2005
Self-employed Graphic Designer

"The design department taught me to think smart, work hard, and express and communicate design in the best way I can. The teachers were very supportive and encouraged me to try new, innovative techniques and approaches to my designs."

"If you were to ask me what made me the designer I am today, I would always go back to Brett, George, Amy, Dan, and the rest of the faculty in Pacific's Design department. Thank you for making college as memorable and enjoyable as I was told it would be my first day of orientation!"

"Dr. Schleier...Thank you for all that you taught me. I certainly would not have made it to Paris or have been prepared to without your guidance."