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Learning Outcomes



Students should be able to:

Research Skills

Define research parameters.

Assemble pertinent research.

Articulate research conclusions.

Critical & Creative Thinking

Identify dominant and secondary themes in written work, such as literary texts and play scripts, and in visual work, such as art, film, and stage presentations.

Formulate questions pertinent to work or assignments based on themes.

Correlate research parameters (based on themes) in response to questions.

Explore and consider established thought and analyses with new and novel approaches to generate unique insights.

Formulate thesis or conclusions that synthesize research, themes, and questions.

Teamwork & Leadership Skills

People AmericaFunction as a member of a production team.

Demonstrate initiative and creativity in accomplishing the team task.

Demonstrate self-disciplined follow-through in completion of assignments as part of the team.

Function as team leader on a project, respecting and encouraging the ideas and contributions of others.

Diversity/World Cultures

Gain an overview of non-Western and non-American theatre culture and history.

Identify and correlate shared themes in world theatre culture and history.

Identify non-Western and non-American influences on contemporary Western theatre production and culture.

Recognize and value all methodologies and techniques of creating theatre.

Communication as a Cumulative Outcome

All of the above outcomes and indicators contribute to the development of communication skills from the perspective of the theatre artist. The achievement of all outcomes, as evaluated by all indicators, results in successful communication.