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Our Students

The Department of Theatre Arts is no longer accepting new declarations for the undergraduate major or minor in Theatre Arts or transfer student admission as a Theatre Arts major or minor. Students currently pursuing the major will be allowed to complete the degree as outlined in the general catalog. Prospective students interested in theatre and performance are encouraged to apply to the new Media X program.

In addition to participating in productions offered regularly by the Theatre Arts department, students will find opportunities to enhance what they learn in the classroom through experiences such as attending conferences, participating in internships, and getting involved in the Theatre Arts honor society, Theta Alpha Phi.

Dre Slaman"As an actor, UOP gave me a great base to continue my education to emphasize totally in acting. My instructors taught me the importance of hard work and perseverance, which helped so much as I went on to continue my education - I definitely had a leg up! They were always teaching so nothing was arbitrary.  Additionally, I really gained the tools I needed to excel as a theatre artist, the requirements were such that I had the opportunity to study everything - even outside my  "field", or main interest.  So I had the opportunity to direct, stage manage, set design, you name it!  I can't tell you how much these tools have made me, not only, a well rounded actor, but gave me a great foundation in all aspects of the theatre - so much so that I was able to own and operate my own theatre!"

-- Dre Slaman '01, MFA Northern Illinois University, Working Actor


Celebrating Achievements

Our focus on students is evident in the pride we take in their achievements. In addition to bestowing our annual Senior Awards, we encourage and support students who are tackling independent projects or applying for scholarships and fellowships.