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The Department of Theatre Arts is no longer accepting new declarations for the undergraduate major or minor in Theatre Arts or transfer student admission as a Theatre Arts major or minor. Students currently pursuing the major will be allowed to complete the degree as outlined in the general catalog. Prospective students interested in theatre and performance are encouraged to apply to the new Media X program.

Details of our degree programs are provided in this section, along with a list of courses offered by our department. We encourage students to consult the latest University of the Pacific General Catalog for up-to-date information.

The Learning Outcomes page provides a broad overview of the skills and knowledge that students majoring in the department are expected acquire.

Caitlin Keskeys Knapp"Whether I am analyzing Shakespeare with my 9th grade English students and directing after school productions, or designing production programs and props, Pacific's theatre arts department gave me a broad set of skills that help me as an educator. I get to teach students  scenic painting, set design, costume design, stage makeup, text analysis, voice and movement, and many other theatre arts related skills. This wouldn't be possible without my training at Pacific."

-- Caitlin Keskeys-Knapp '11, Honors English and Theatre Arts Teacher at Franklin High School


Kristen Anne Bloom"My theatre degree, specifically stage management, provided me with many useful and transferable skills for my current position - actually, the skill sets are exactly the same, with just a slightly different application.  As a stage manager I practiced time management, organization, and critical thinking skills on a daily basis.  Both have the "behind the scenes" feel and involve communication between large groups of people."

-- Kristen Anne Bloom  '11, MA University of the Pacific, Residence Life Coordinator at Notre Dame de Namur University

Jeri Deyo McCue"After college, I worked for major motion picture studios and talent agencies in Los Angeles.  My theatre/dance degree helped build my performance skills, talents, and abilities which enabled me to work confidently with other professionals in the LA movie industry.  Those skills were also valuable and relevant as I  crossed into other fields like the Financial and Investments industry."

-- Jeri Dayo McCue '83, Self-Employed