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Our Students

Students in the department of religious studies form a close-knit community. Those bonds are strengthened by the trips they take as part of their academic studies, by celebrating each other's achievements, and by exploring the world of religious studies through dialogue and conversation. Learn more about student life in the department of religious studies.

Field Trips

TempleOur students traverse Northern California with their professors to explore different religions and faith systems. These out-of-the-classroom experiences deepen students understanding of their field and bring the texts and traditions they study to life. Take a look at some recent field trips >>

Religious and Spiritual Life at Pacific

Religious LifeWhile Pacific does not require their students to adhere to any religious faith or system of belief, many of our students find their studies enriched by working with the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life. This office works to foster dialogue, understanding, and harmony in our campus community. Learn more about the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life >>

Outstanding Students

Outstanding students- Ziadelyn MercadoFrom their impressive academic achievements to their contributions to the community, we are proud to introduce you to some of our outstanding students >>