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Religion has been and continues to be a major factor in the development of cultures and institutions, and is significant to individuals as they examine ultimate questions and how they should live. To that end, the Department of Religious Studies exposes students to various belief systems, texts, and languages in both modern and ancient contexts. Students majoring in religious studies take courses that examine various religious traditions and sacred texts in order to understand the role of religion in human history, experience, thought, and action. A historical approach is coupled in these classes with a view of the lasting effects of these things on the modern world.

Many of our students double major, combine majors and minors, or even combine degrees across different schools at Pacific. We encourage such academic pursuits, and believe that the ability to intellectually draw from different disciplines strengthens discussions during classes.

We also encourage our students to study abroad, and will work closely with our students to help them achieve their goal of seeing the world and learning from new cultures.

Degrees Offered

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Bachelor of Arts in the following majors:
Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Ancient Studies